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CMA Fest: “Every Single Person You See Is Having The Time Of Their Life”

By: Christy Perdomo//

unnamedSomething you should know about my family is that we all love country music and CMA Fest! It was a while since our last CMA Fest a few years ago, so last summer we all made the decision that we would go again in 2016! I’d be lying if I said The Band Perry didn’t play a role in our decision to go back this year, because I’m a huge fan, but overall, we just missed Nashville! There’s just nothing quite like this city!

I’m from Miami, FL so we are pretty far from Nashville. We’ve driven up to Nashville for CMA Fest in 2010, 2011, and 2013, and this time was no different! Driving straight there without any stops would be about a 13-hour drive, but since it’s such a long distance, we did stop multiple times whether it be for food, bathroom breaks, or for my dad (who was driving) to sleep for a couple of hours before hitting the road again.

If I had to choose one thing I was most excited for leading up to CMA weekend, it would just be being back in Nashville! I missed the high-energy atmosphere, and all of the special events going on at once. It’s hard to pin down the energy of CMA Fest and describe it in words, but it’s like every single person you see is having the time of their life. There’s nothing but smiles and good times all around!

image1-4Now that the weekend is over, I’m finding it difficult to choose a favorite performer, but if I had to I would probably say Steven Tyler. I’m an Aerosmith fan so seeing him perform (and so close up), was absolutely amazing, especially since he sang my favorite Aerosmith song, ‘Cryin,’ with Martina McBride.

Aside from the many mind-blowing performances, There are so many memorable moments that I will take away from this years CMA Fest and cherish forever. Playing laser tag with The Band Perry was so much fun! Steven Tyler asking if he could sign my Aerosmith shirt was incredible (he also posted a photo of him and I on his personal Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!). I will also never forget Sam Hunt touching my hand during his Nissan Stadium performance. To top it all off, I also had the honor of meeting the legendary Randy Travis who was very sweet, and even kissed my hand!

After such an incredible weekend filled with family and country music, my mom and I are really hoping we’ll be able to come back next year, but for now I can describe my weekend in just a few words: Fun, exciting, hot, memorable, and totally and completely worth it.

Check out a video of my weekend Here!

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