Mumford And Sons: “Everyone Was On Their Feet Singing And Dancing The Whole Show”

IMG_0437By: Kyra McNamee//

Mumford and Sons is one of my absolute favorite bands and I know all the words to every one of their songs. When I found out that they were coming to Forest Hills Stadium in Queens on the 16th and 17th I got super excited and knew I had to go. I went to see them on their first night in Queens with my friend and we had an awesome time. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was on their feet singing and dancing the whole show. The band was really enthusiastic and you could totally tell that live music is their passion. That made me really happy to see and it showed how much the band cares about their music and their fans. They played some of their best songs from the first album, all the way up to their newest album. At the end of the night I was so sad to see them finish their set because I wanted the concert to go on for hours. When Mumford and Sons comes back to New York I will definitely be seeing them again.

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