Anna’s Declassified Festival Survival Guide

13502757_10205392426724732_6799553392991602856_oBy: Anna Glinski//

Music festivals create this false illusion that just about anyone can be Coachella queen. While yes, we all want to be Vanessa Hudgens, four music festivals later I’ve learned that it’s close to impossible. Here is the ultimate guide to helping you survive a festival!

1. Wardrobe: Wear the least clothes possible. I’m serious. It’s going to be HOT. Absolutely do not layer up. I always like to keep it cute so I try to wear dresses or bodysuits made from a thin, cool material (shout out to cotton). I also make the following mistake every year: wearing a romper. Ladies, it’s so hard to maneuver around a port-a-potty in those things. I’m sure we all know the struggle!

2. Shoes: Yes, it’s part of your wardrobe, but we need to leave the cute high heeled booties at home. The best advice is to wear shoes that you’re prepared to throw out after the festival. I recommend wearing old sneakers because you’re going to be walking a lot. At Gov Ball I averaged 8 miles a day!

3. CamelBak: Such a good investment. Either the backpacks or water bottle. It is absolutely crucial to stay hydrated all day, and it’s easier to do that with large volume water bottles. You don’t have to be that guy walking around the festival with a gallon jug of Poland Spring, but you can take full advantage of the free water refill stations!

4. Festival App: If you’re going to a big festival, they probably have their own app. These apps are so helpful because they allow you to make your own schedule. Time flies by quicker than you think at these festivals, so it’s smartest to stay organized and know exactly who you want to see, at what stage, at what time.

13522936_10205392435724957_1587055565662095133_o4. Portable charger: Something magical happens to phones at music festivals where they die exponentially faster than they would on a normal day. Usually there’s not a lot of service, so your phone is A, going to use a lot more data, and B, die super fast. I have 2 portable chargers just in case one fails me. However, keep cell phone usage to a minimum- and by that I mean LOOK UP! You’re at a music festival!

5. Discover new artists: See someone you didn’t plan to see. Music festivals are one of the best ways to discover new music. So if your friend is dragging you to a set, don’t complain, just go with them! You might discover one of your new favorite artists. Last year at Firefly, I discovered KYGO, who now is one of my favorite DJ’s. This year I discovered Saint Motel, who I’ve been listening to ever since.

6. Look out for each other: This is the most important point in surviving a festival. We all like to have fun, but it’s important to take external factors into consideration, like the fact that it’s going to be very hot. Look out for friends who are partying, and make sure to take breaks to re-hydrate and eat. Also, if you see someone passed out, get them help immediately, whether you know them or not. I’ve seen way too many people walk past (or step over) people passed out on the ground at festivals. We’re all in this together, so let’s show that we all care about each other!

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