How Technology Impacts Your Concert Experience

By: Caroline Burkhart//

DSCN4686These days technology seems to influence just about everything, from how you live your life, to how you connect with people, and how you get from place to place. There are definitely a lot of great things about technology, but we also miss a lot when we stare at our phones all day. Technology can take you away from being in the moment and experiencing all the sights and sounds around you, and one of the places with so many intriguing sights and sounds is a concert.

Imagine this: you’re at your favorite singers concert, and have spent hundreds of dollars on great seats. The lights go down and they’re about to go on stage. You’re squealing with excitement and ready to go. All of the sudden you notice the person in front of you has their phone out, recording the show, and blocking your view of the stage. You are still hearing the sounds, but your view is obstructed by someone who’s only trying to get a good Instagram photo.

DSCN4782If not distracted by somebody else’s technology, you could be distracted by your own, only focusing on putting the entire show on Snapchat so all of your friends can see how much fun you are having. It’s great to show the world that you are having a blast, or to record your experience for later viewing, but it’s important to remember that a show isn’t quite the same through a phone or camera lens. You are there in that once in a lifetime moment and you have to appreciate that. Put texting your friends on hold and only tweet about the show during a break or at the end. I promise that there is nothing like fully experiencing a concert that is happening live in front of you.

Of course, snap a few pics and even a few videos as mementos, but remember why you bought those tickets in the first place, which was to see a musician live and in-person. Next time you’re at any type of show or concert, make sure you’re living in the moment. Always remember that the best way to view a show is through your own eyes.

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