What’s In My Bag? (Concert Edition)

By: Caroline Burkhart//

unnamedWhen it comes to a concert, most people are worried about what they are going to wear and how they will do their hair. While both of those things are very important, it is also important to bring a few essentials things with you. A small cross body or something of the sort will be perfect to carry all of the essentials when it comes to a concert.

1. Money– You never know when or if you will get hungry or thirsty. There is also usually lots of cute merch to buy! Depending on the venue or performer, both of these things can be on the pricer side so be sure to bring a little more cash then you think you may need. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

2. Your phone– Always important to have, especially if you are going with a big group. You could get separated from your friends, so make sure you have a way to contact them. A phone also doubles as a camera during a show, so be sure to take a few photos and videos. Make sure you don’t use it too much, or you will miss the experience of actually being at the concert.

3. Portable Charger– Such a great investment! If you are someone who always has a phone that dies, this is something that is definitely worth it. It is no fun when you’re taking pics with your pals before the show and your phone dies.

3. Lipgloss/Makeup– Things can get a little sweaty at concerts, so it is always nice to have a little lip gloss or makeup for a touch up if you feel like you need a pick me up!

4. TICKETS!!– Most important thing! This may seem like an obvious thing, but make sure you have your tickets ready and with you when you leave for a concert. Nothing is worse than showing up at a venue and realizing you forgot your tickets!!

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