Live Music

Glass Animals: “The Words Poppy, Dreamy, Translucent, And Danceable All Come To Mind”

By: Erin Bailey//

unnamed-27Two months ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I spotted a post from Glass Animals, announcing a last-minute show at House of YES, a tiny one-size-fits-all venue in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Tickets were $20 and I live a twenty-minute walk from HoY, so I clicked on the link and bought a ticket immediately. Someone I met the night of that show assured me that I would want to buy a ticket to Glass Animals’ upcoming shows in the city once I saw them live. He was right.

I feel very lucky that I got to see them perform in a venue as intimate as House of YES before going to jam-packed Terminal 5 on September 28. Little televisions playing old-school video games greeted us as we walked inside, and cacti and a pineapple adorned the stage, fitting in perfectly with the vibe of their latest album, How to Be a Human Being. D.R.A.M., the opening act, pumped up the crowd’s energy before Glass Animals took the stage as the fast-talking track “[Premade Sandwiches]” played and the lights flashed and turned neon green. My friends and I established a spot right in the center of the bottom floor, where we stayed for the first few songs. We later moved up to the third floor for more space to dance. Some singers stand still and concentrate on playing and singing—not so with Dave Bayley. He was dancing just as much as the crowd, at one point even stepping down into the thick of it as a stagehand fed out the microphone cord. The thing about Glass Animals is you can’t help but sway, spin, cha-cha, and maybe even head-bang to their beats, especially a few of the new tracks. Their sound is difficult to describe—the words poppy, dreamy, translucent, and danceable all come to mind—but most of all it is irresistible.

The band played about half of their new album and mixed in old favorites from their debut, Zaba, and a funky cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.” The show sped by and before we knew it, they were closing out the show with one of my favorites from How to Be a Human Being, “Pork Soda”. We cheered as the band sang “Pineapples are in my head” and I proudly showed off my pineapple-adorned tank top I’d worn for the occasion. The band is hitting several venues around the United States now and I can’t wait for them to come back to New York so I can get some more of those peanut butter vibes.