The Thrill of a Running Crowd

Gabrielle Carter//

dscn4704When the lights drop and you hear the first beat of a drum or strum of a bass, you can’t help the adrenaline that rushes through your body and the scream that escapes your lips. It’s probably the most exhilarating part of a live performance. But there is another moment soon following this, when the crowd sees the artist(s) for the first time and rushes forward out of excitement. This moment is my favorite part of general admission shows.

As soon as the artist(s) step on stage a clearing opens up in front of you, you have a split second to decide what you are going to do: either you’ll run forward or you’ll be trampled by the people behind you. A split second of awe before the crowd begins to fight their way forward, squeezing into any available space, always being too close for comfort. You can’t raise your arms and sometimes you even bump heads with the person next to you as you’re trying to see the stage. It is a fight to get closer, a fight of elbow throwing and yelling at people to ‘watch out!’ This moment happens so fast that it can be unnoticeable, hard to consider it to be the most exciting part of a concert. And, though it does sound undesirable, this moment is what makes a show so enjoyable.

In this moment you’re surrounded by people who came out for the same reason you did, to appreciate this performance. Once the show begins you forget about the person who smells like a wet dog standing next to you, or the person in front of you, blowing their vape smoke in your face. You are taken away in this moment and becoming part of the crowd as you all sing along to your favorite songs together.

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