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LANY: “The Effects Are What Made This Show Into A Masterpiece.”

By: Christina Hegenbart//

unnamed-28When LANY announced their Kinda Tour back in June I immediately got tickets for their show at Webster Hall in New York City, and last week the magic finally happened. On October 25th LANY played their biggest show to date and I am more than thankful that I was able to witness it with my own eyes.

The time leading up to the show was crazy to say the least. I go to a lot of shows and am usually one of the people who arrive extremely early, but work got in the way for me this time. The time finally came and I took the 2:49pm train into NYC to meet my friend Sarah in the city, and then off to Webster Hall we went! LANY is extremely important to my friend Sarah and I because theirs was first show we ever went to together, and now we are best friends and go to every single concert together. I owe LANY everything for bringing us together.

My friend and I planned on going up onto the balcony for the show so we didn’t arrive until doors opened. It was really weird for us considering we usually get to the venue at around 7 or 8am to wait in line all day. It happened to be really cold that day so I guess it was a good day to not be waiting outside for all of those hours.

As soon as we walked into Webster Hall I could feel my heart starting to race. I was finally going to see LANY again! We started walking towards the steps to go up to the balcony, but security at the bottom of the steps said, “Balcony is V.I.P only”. That completely shattered our plan! We were both disappointed because we thought with all of the visuals LANY has on stage that the balcony would be an awesome place to view the show from. However, we walked up towards the stage some more on the GA floor and both of our hearts mushed into pieces. The view was still pretty good.

unnamed-30Written across the screen before the show was, “No one loves you like LANY loves you, New York City.” You could hear the screams from everyone around the room. My heart started to race even more because I knew that in just two more hours my boys would be on that stage!

At 8pm Transviolet took the stage, and let me tell you: they were great! Despite having some technical issues with the microphone during their set they put on a wonderful performance. They definitely loved the crowd’s crazy energy and were feeding off of it throughout their time onstage.

Transviolet left the stage about a half an hour later and then the anticipation rapidly started to build. At 9pm LANY hit the stage. They walked out to a video of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem and the crowd went insane, so much so that the floor was moving! They then began their first song, which was ‘4EVER’. The crowd was moving and swaying together and I was once again in my happy place.

Throughout the show Paul Klein, the singer in LANY, said multiple times how much he loves NYC and how it’s the best city in the world. It made the audience feel so special! Their set went by in a blink of an eye. They played some of their classic songs like ‘Youarefire’, ‘Made in Hollywood’ and ‘Walk Away’, as well as new songs off of their new EP Kinda, like ‘Pink Skies’, ‘Like you Lots’ and ‘Current Location’. Every song had different lighting effects; from a simple bright pink screen, to cars with the ocean in the background, and then to pink skies. The effects are truly what made this show into a masterpiece.

unnamed-29LANY ended their set with the one and only ‘ILYSB’. The crowd was as loud as it could possibly be. Even though some people there might not have been huge LANY fans, they still knew ‘ILYSB’ and everyone sang and danced their heart out to that song. They band ended with huge, authentic smiles on their faces and a final bow before disappearing from the stage.

The only word I could come up with after the show was “WOW”. LANY blew me away again and this show was definitely one of the best I’ve been to in a while. I will never forget the memories we made together at their biggest show yet, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it in some small way. I cannot wait for LANY to continue to grow and become more popular around the world. I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me, and I can’t wait until they tour again because I will definitely be there cheering them on in the audience once again! ILYSB.