Sia: “She Is A Very Unique Performer And The Show Reflected That”

By: Jenna Nargi//

unnamed-26Here’s the situation: I’ve been a major Sia fan for a few years now. The bad new is she hasn’t toured in about 5 years, so there haven’t been a ton of opportunities to see her perform live. The day she announced the news that she was going to be having a show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, I automatically knew that I needed to go see her. Who knew the next time she would come back? I spoke to my dad and he was all in! He set us up with tickets and I could not control my excitement. The reality was setting in that I would finally get to see my idol.

Now, we all know Sia is a very unique performer. The show reflected that completely, and I was so glad I got to witness all the dancers, along with the stories that each song told. It was a truly breathtaking experience. Sia’s live vocals are unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and I couldn’t believe the amazing dancers and how they didn’t skip a beat. Everyone in the audience totally freaked out when the curtain came up and ‘Alive’ started playing. To be honest, I screamed like a little girl when that happened!

unnamed-27Overall, the show Sia put on was absolutely insane. I knew it would be amazing but I was honestly not expecting to be as blown away as I was. Also, we all know that Sia does not usually show her face, but she decided to include a special video of her actual face at the end of the concert for her fans. I thought that was so sweet and a really nice touch!

I never wanted the night to end. She talked with the audience during breaks in the middle of her songs when she got a chance, and an iconic thing that she always tells us and that she slipped into her performance was, “I love you, keep going”. I loved the idea that if the audience came out with nothing else, they came out with the knowledge that Sia is cheering them on and supporting them, just as her fans are supporting her! That’s a true artist, and she definitely proved how grateful she was to her fans for getting her where she is. I highly suggest seeing Sia in concert if she’s ever in your state. It was an amazing experience that I’ll definitely remember forever.

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