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The 1975: “They Are The One Thing That Has Never Let Me Down”

By: Angelina McBride//

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-17-07-amThis would be my 7th time seeing the 1975. Walking into the Mohegan Sun felt extremely surreal. I couldn’t believe that just 3 years ago, my favorite band’s biggest venue was a 3,000 capacity bar, and now they were playing at the Mohegan Sun. This show was legendary, not just for the band, but for the fans as well.

I discovered the 1975 back in 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday. The three songs I discovered were ‘Chocolate’, ‘Haunt//Bed’, and ‘You’. If you are familiar with these songs, you know how emotional a couple of them are. The first lyrics in their song ‘Haunt//Bed’ are “Sorry that your Dad’s dead”, and there are lyrics in the song ‘You’ that say ‘It’s ironic how it’s only been a year’. This happened to be on the 1-year anniversary of my father’s death. I never had such goose bumps in my life. From that moment on, the 1975 were there for me in my most difficult of times, and the one thing in my life that has never let me down.

November 5th happened to be my father’s birthday, which is what made the show so special for me personally. Even sitting up in the seats, being what felt like miles away from the boys and all the action, I still got the same chills I got every other time I’ve seen them. My heart was beating out of my chest the minute their ten-minute intro began. A lot of fans don’t realize it, but the 1975 start their set ten minutes before they actually go on. Their humming intro slowly gets louder throughout the ten minutes until you’re quickly surprised with the intro to ‘Love Me’. This time, I really took in everything about the set. The quiet humming slowly creeping up… and the magic that is in those first few notes of ‘Love Me’. Matty rocked it as usual, although I could tell he was a bit nervous.

unnamedMatty began to talk to the crowd and explained how big of a show this was for them. I couldn’t help but get extremely emotional. The 1975’s stage used to have a set of 3 rectangles that lit up a few different colors. Now they have a dozen different screens showing us different pictures and views and painting different colors before our eyes. The visual aspect itself makes the 1975 different than any band out there at the moment. The images themselves make you emotional. For example, they played their song ‘Please be Naked’ with images of waves on the screen. I felt like the waves were taking me away with the music. Being able to see the spectacular light show from up in section 21, row T, was an experience I would never give back.

I was so ecstatic when they played both ‘Robbers’ and ‘Paris’. In their recent shows, they replaced one song with the other and switched it up every night. But, as a surprise to fans, they randomly added ‘Robbers’ to the set list. I screamed louder that I ever thought I would. I also couldn’t help but feel my father’s presence next to mine as I jumped around in excitement. I began to burst into tears as the song began. I cried through the entire song, just because of the beauty of everything around me. I loved seeing everyone sing the same words while blue florescent lights shined on our faces. We all in that one moment were able to really dig down into our emotions and feel. There is always one moment like that every time I see the 1975, and it’s always my absolute favorite moment in the show.

unnamed-1The 1975, in my opinion, have shaped this generation into what it is today. Although that seems like a lot from a band that nobody has ever heard of, they are the hidden spark. Are you wondering what’s making your son or daughter have “radical” ideas about same sex marriage and other political issues? It could very well be the 1975. They always like to tell us that they’re just pop stars and they don’t know anything about politics, and that’s completely true. But, they are entertaining the idea that standing up for what you believe in is right. They are expressing that is it okay to have an opinion and that it’s okay to care too much about what’s going on around us, because this country is going to be ours one day.

I highly encourage every right-minded person to go see the 1975 live. Even if you don’t like their music, their message and spectacular creativity will capture your heart. At the very least, they will give you a different perspective on life than you had when you walked in.