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Sabrina Carpenter: “There Is Nothing Like Seeing Someone You Idolize Up Close”

by Bella Gaglione//

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-19-32-pmSaying I’m a Sabrina Carpenter fan is an understatement. Saying I’m a superfan, is a bit more accurate. So much so, I have seen her perform three times in total (Musikfest, NYC, Deer Park), and have met her twice. So on that glorious weekend when Sabrina announced not only a new album, but a headline tour; well it’s safe to say I was a little excited. I convinced my mom to get tickets to the New York City show.

November 21st was the day of the show, and the whole day I was complaining about how I just wanted to get to the show already. I took the train into the city with my dad, and we made our way to the venue, The Highline Ballroom. There were separate lines, VIP and general. Unfortunately I did not get VIP for this show, but I overheard someone talking about how they waited on line, came off of the line to spend time with Sabrina, and then got taken back outside to wait on the line again. Naturally, the general line was longer, and we were toward the end, since we came at 6:00 (scheduled door opening). VIP was let in first, and by around 6:20 the general line started to move.

Once I got in, I went straight towards the stage. I had already gotten merch (EVOLution sweater and an “All We Have Is Love” choker), so I was able to walk past the merch table. Being small is a very good advantage, being awkward and shy is not. I managed to make my way up pretty close, being about 5 people away from the stage, which thankfully was raised, but I was too awkward to ask people if I could squeeze through to get to a relatively empty spot. A couple of minutes past 7, the opening act Harletson came on. They performed a great set consisting of 3 original songs and covers of popular songs. Being already familiar with the band through YouTube videos helped a lot. They finished close to 7:30 and I heard the whole crowd talking about how they loved them (and many, many people wondering about their band name, which shocked me).

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 1.20.30 PM.pngLeading up to Sabrina coming on at a little past 8:00, the crowd cheered “Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina” over and over again (so loud, Sabrina later commented on how she could hear it from her dressing room). I had made my way about a person and a half closer to the stage. When Sabrina came on,  she was nothing less than perfection. She wore a black lacey shirt (that she wore during many shows including the first), a black jacket, and sparkly red pants. Her first song was ‘Smoke and Fire,’ one of her singles that she did not include in her sophomore album. The set went on normally, following the pattern of every show before then, which I am definitely not complaining about. It was amazing seeing those parts of the show right in front of me, like the fandom famous chair, and the dance to one of her new songs ‘No Words.’ I loved how she incorporated her first album ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and the spin that she put on her song ‘We’ll Be The Stars’ by making it a mash-up with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful.’

There were smiles all around, and the whole audience was singing with Sabrina. At one point a fan in the crowd shouted “You’re gorgeous!” to which Sabrina replied to with “You’re gorgeous!” as she looked around for the fan. Sarah Carpenter, her beautiful sister and backup singer, also did amazing. The whole set was just incredible. Sabrina left the stage with the band and the crowd was screaming “Encore, Encore,” but we soon realized that she didn’t play one important song, ‘Shadows.’ When she came out again the crowd cheered and she started with just the piano and ended with the whole band. After the show ended fans took pictures with the opening act, Harletson, and with Danny McNulty, who plays Janitor Harley on Girl Meets World. I was lucky enough to get a copy setlist used by the band and Sarah that night.

The night was amazing and one I will never forget. There is nothing like seeing someone you idolize so close up. To watch someone grow and gain popularity is such an awesome experience. I’m so proud of her. If you haven’t already, please go check her music out. She is talented beyond words. She has a connection with her audience. I am confident that Sabrina is on her way to becoming the next big thing.