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Ed Sheeran is Back!

by: Julia Singer//

ed-sheeran-divide-album-zip-downloadAfter a one-year hiatus from social media and nearly two years without any new music, Ed Sheeran is finally back. On December 13th, exactly one year from when he announced his social media exit, Sheeran posted a lone picture of a blue square on his social media pages. After being out of the public eye for a year, this picture sparked both the fans’ and the media’s attention immediately. Although no one knew what the blue square meant, everyone was hopeful that it would symbolize Sheeran’s return to the music scene.

To ring in the New Year on January 1st, Sheeran posted a video with a sign that said, “New music coming Friday!!” Throughout the week, Sheeran teased the highly anticipated music by posting several silent videos containing new lyrics. On Thursday, the day before the release, Sheeran tweeted, “÷”, as well as creating a Snapchat filter which played a thirty second snippet of what was thought to be a new song.

At midnight EST on January 6th, Sheeran’s new music was finally unleashed into the world. With the two new singles, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”, Sheeran has made his return to music, putting both songs up on iTunes and basically every streaming site there is. The morning of the release Sheeran appeared on The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show to discuss the two new tracks. He revealed that the bouncy and synthesized song “Shape of You” was originally written for Rihanna, but he liked it enough to keep it for himself. “Castle on the Hill” is a powerful song with an epic chorus about the journey through his youth, which he performed acoustically on the radio show.

Be ready to listen to these two songs on repeat for quite some time, because as of now there is sadly no official release date for the full length album, which Sheeran confirmed is titled “÷” or “Divide.” Although 2017 has just begun, it is certain that these will be two of the biggest singles of the year. Make sure to keep up with Ed because you never know when he’ll be making his next big move!