“Chained the Rhythm” by Katy Perry is Exactly What You’d Expect

By: Amanda Lee//

katy-perry-chained-rhythm-promo-pics-6-1486894446Katy Perry is back with a new single and it’s exactly what you’d expect from her. The day before the release, glittery disco balls with headphones appeared around the world so that fans could listen to the song. Her politically fueled anthem “Chained to the Rhythm” features Skip Marley and is written by Perry, Sia, producer Max Martin and others.

Behind the usual upbeat sound we’re used to hearing from Perry, the disco-infected track gets pretty political. The lyric video released alongside the song features a hamster spilling on a wheel, reflecting a dire world of repetition and ignorance. “So comfortable we’re living in a bubble, bubble/ so comfortable we cannot see the trouble, trouble,” she repeats.

Elsewhere she sings, “Come on, turn it up, keep it on repeat/Stumbling around like a wasted zombie/Yeah, we think we’re free.” This possibly refers to our complacent attitudes under the current administration and benefiting off the vain entertainment world.

If Katy’s lyrics were too subtle for you, this is where Marley steps in. “Break down the walls / to connect, inspire,” he sings as he mixes in his reggae sound with the mid-tempo beat.

Katy Perry campaigned heavily alongside Hillary Clinton during election season so it’s no surprise her music has become subversive theme this time around. “We’re gonna call this era purposeful pop,” she said on Twitter. I think the world is ready, Katy.