5 Debut Albums We’re Excited to Hear in 2017

By: Jordyn Tilchen//

With the Grammys and the arguments over which artist should’ve won Album of the Year behind us, it’s time to look ahead at some of the most highly anticipated releases of the upcoming year. From ex-boy band members to Beyoncé hit-makers, here are five artists who are expected to drop their very first album in 2017.

1. Harry Styles


The mere mention of Harry Styles’s name is enough to send One Direction fans across the globe into a frenzy, but what happens when details emerge that his solo project will be released, quote, ‘very soon’? MASS HYSTERIA. Twitter came alive last week when BBC Radio 1 reported that Harry’s album could arrive as early as April. This news came soon after we spoke to Columbia Records’ CEO Rob Stringer about what we should expect from the former band member. His words? “We’re close and we’re very excited.”



The dreamy, Los Angeles-based alt-pop trio have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2014, when they recorded their first two tracks from a small bedroom in Nashville, Tennessee. After roughly three years of stringing their flourishing fan base along with EP after EP, the band finally announced the completion of their debut album on January 24th via Instagram. While we’re not sure what to expect from their first full-length release, we’re sure the trio has plans to move full steam ahead once they return from accompanying their idol, John Mayer, on several dates of his upcoming tour this spring.

3. Noah Cyrus


The recent release of Noah Cyrus’s debut single, ‘Make Me (Cry)’ ft. Labrinth only further confirms that musical genius runs vigorously through the Cyrus family bloodline. The single, which dropped in November of 2016 debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been sitting pretty there for over eight weeks straight. If you thought Noah’s music career would start and end with this emotionally charged duet, you’re sorely mistaken. In late January Noah took to Twitter to announce her upcoming album, titled NC-17. An exact release date remains a mystery, but if we could guess anything based on the title alone it would be that the youngest Cyrus sister doesn’t plan on holding anything back.

4. The Chainsmokers


There are few things as impressive as winning a Grammy before even releasing a full-length album, but The Chainsmokers did just that. On the Grammy red carpet, just before they took home the award for Best Dance Recording for their radio single, “Don’t Let Me Down,” the duo made fans very happy with a surprise announcement of their debut album. Memories: Do Not Open will drop on April 7th, just in time for the kickoff of their tour a week later in Miami.


5. Kevin Garrett


While many people remain in the dark when it comes to Kevin Garrett and his music, the 25-year-old contemporary R&B artist is actually the brains behind the opening track on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, titled “Pray You Catch Me.” Since the release of his 2015 debut EP Mellow Drama, fans of Garrett have been hounding him to drop his own full-length record. Garrett even has superstars Sam Smith and Katy Perry on his side, both who expressed their support for him through Twitter. Having just released another EP titled False Hope earlier this month, it’s unclear just how soon we will be getting a full-length album from Garrett, but according to an interview with The Last Magazine, it’s coming!

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