Demi’s Vocals Turn Heads on New Cheat Codes Single

By: Casey Fitzsimmons//

unnamed-9If you’ve never heard of Cheat Codes before, you’re not alone. At first, I thought they were a few guys who provided literal cheat codes for video games! But, when I found out that my favorite artist, Demi Lovato, was going to be featured on their new single, titled “No Promises,” my excitement went through the roof. We’ve all heard Demi’s ballads like ‘Skyscraper,’ her sexier songs like ‘Cool for the Summer,’ and her empowering anthems like ‘Confident,’ but an EDM feature is something so different than anything she’s ever done before. Demi’s powerhouse vocals are what make “No Promises” stand out.

Personally, I am not an EDM kind of gal, but “No Promises” is definitely an exception. During an interview, the group made a statement about “No Promises” saying the song is about “the idea that we don’t own the people in our relationships. Nothing’s guaranteed. Give people the space to be the best versions of themselves and then come together.” Although this is a dance song, it truly tells a story. “I just wanna dive in the water, with you/Baby, we can’t see the bottom/It’s so easy to fall for each other/I’m just hoping we catch one another.” Not only does this song feature Demi, but Trevor Dahl from Cheat Codes sings on this song as well. In DJ collaborations, we usually only hear the featured vocalist, so hearing one of the DJ’s from the group makes this song so unique, especially because their voices sound so angelic together.

unnamed-10On the night of the release, I was placed in a group DM on Twitter by Cheat Codes with many other Demi fan accounts from all around the world, counting down until the song was released. Demi even joined in on the fun at one point! Having Cheat Codes initiate a group conversation with fans from all over the world was so refreshing to see and it shows that they really do love interacting with their biggest supporters.

“No Promises” is such a feel-good, fun, dance track that I predict will be the song of the summer. With the catchy beat and the incredible vocals, this song will keep everyone on their feet! What do you think about the single? Do you think this is a preview to what we are going to hear on Demi’s 6th studio album? Make sure you tweet us @Soundigest with your thoughts!

You can purchase ‘No Promises on iTunes or listen on Spotify now!