There’s Nothin’ Like Josh Gracin’s “Nothin’ Like Us” EP

By: Kerry Gallagher//

unnamed-17Summer is rapidly approaching and there’s no time of year when country music sounds better! Just in time for the season is country music’s best kept secret: Josh Gracin. The Michigan native made his first appearance in the music world on American Idol’s second season when he became a fan-favorite, finishing in fourth place all while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Josh has released three albums since 2004 and after taking some personal time off, he’s back and ready to take the country music scene by a storm with his new EP, Nothin’ Like Us Part 1.

Josh graciously crafted the soundtrack to what is going to be our summer soundtrack with the six tracks in Nothin’ Like Us. What’s most impressive is that you won’t want to skip a single track on the EP; it’s just that good. The EP starts off with Josh’s song, “I Go Crazy”. This song was the perfect start to the EP because it’s just begging to be performed live and have a crowd sing along to it.

Something about summer nights can either make you adventurous or leave you sitting by the fire pit trapped in nostalgia. Whichever of these scenarios you find yourself in, Josh has us covered with a song for each. “I’m Still There” is about reminiscing on a past lover that moved on, leaving you in the dust, and Josh walks us through still shots of his own lost love. You’ll be drowning in your own flashbacks with lyrics like, “I’m right there / My front porch at sundown / I can almost see you now.” If that doesn’t get you, you’ll definitely be reaching for the tissues when he sings, “Where we left off / You moved on / Can’t believe you’re gone / But if you care / I’m still here.” We do care, Josh. We do. Now, if you’re not still waiting around for your ex and you’ve moved on to the next one, “Me, a Girl, and a Radio” is going to be your summer night symphony. Trust me. If you don’t believe me, let the lyrics speak for themselves, “Don’t need nothing more than me, a girl and a radio / Don’t need anymore more than this / A sing-along song and an all night kiss.”

“Nothin’ Like Us”, a song that’s so good that it titled the entire EP, at first sounds like another country song about falling in love, but it’s actually better than all the rest because just like Josh’s vocals, this track makes every song on country radio pale in comparison and there’s no way it’s going to get lost in the mix. Just in case you weren’t convinced in “Nothin’ Like Us,” Josh reminds us there’s nothing better than falling in love in summertime with my favorite track, “On Me”

If you’re a country music fan and you love yourself, do yourself a favor and add Nothin’ Like Us Part 1 to your summer playlist. Earn yourself the honor of being the “Best Taste in Music” friend and share it with your best friends and blast it all summer. By the way, if you’re reading this Josh… I’m ready for part two!

Listen to Nothin’ Like Us Part One HERE: