Sexism in the Music Industry

By: Tamara Chapman//

1634545db525ae5a17d790e8c7e5d5e1Despite various efforts to change it, the gender gap in the music industry continues to be a big problem. Of course, It’s gotten slightly better as of recent, but equality seems to be something that has been very hard to achieve. As competitive as the music industry is, it seems that men have an advantage over women. Just last year, only 5% of albums released were by women, with the other 95% released by men.

In general, The reactions from the general public are more bias towards women, whether it be their lyrics, the way they dress, or even just the overall message of their music. It goes without saying that many male artists put out amazing music, but it comes down to society’s double standards between men and women. Historically speaking, women have had to fight for their basic rights more vigorously than men, and that holds true in the music industry as well.

Despite the backlash they commonly receive, music has become one of the biggest outlets for women to speak out about the injustices they sometimes face. Many female artists have used their platform to reinforce the fact that women are capable of doing the same things that men can do, sometimes even better. It doesn’t come down to the clothes on their backs. It’s about the music, the sound, and the message. If you’re focusing on anything else then you aren’t really paying attention. The reality is that some artists have had to fight a harder battle than others because of their gender.

Take Kesha for example, who faced a pause in her career because of Dr. Luke, a music producer who had her within his grasp unwillingly. Despite the abuse she experienced at the hands of Dr. Luke, she was bound by a contract and eventually had to file a lawsuit to be able to release music freely again. Because of the double standard, many people took Dr. Luke’s side because they believed that Kesha was “asking for it.” However, with self-motivation, determination, and endless support from her family, fans and other music artists, she was able to come out on top even with the odds stacked against her.

Equality will never exist in general if we don’t come together to fight for what’s right. While we definitely can’t change the world overnight, through the power of music and social media we have the ability to make a big difference and give artists the recognition they truly deserve.

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