Miranda Lambert Hits Hard With Emotional Ballad, “Tin Man”

by: Julia Singer//
52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show
Photo: Taste of Nashville

Miranda Lambert’s, “Tin Man” has completely sparked the attention of country music lover’s everywhere. After performing a beautiful rendition of “Tin Man” at this year’s ACMs, accompanied with just her guitar and voice, the song quickly became the newest single off of her latest album, The Weight of These Wings. This performance captivated the crowd and gave Lambert a platform to promote the powerful, yet heartbreaking song.

“Tin Man” is an emotional and simple ballad based off of the famous Wizard of Oz character. The lyrics describe a situation where one spends their whole life looking for love, but in reality, love will only cause the person heartbreak. These lyrics show a very strong and vulnerable perspective of Lambert that fans do not always get to see. After all of Lambert’s personal struggles with true love, this song shows her courage and strength through it all. No matter the listener, everyone can relate in some way to the message of this song.
69a923e0b2b0479a366f3d20d4fc6a9a.1000x1000x1Although Miranda Lambert has her fair share of simple and slow ballads, most of her radio hits are upbeat and quirky. Lambert took a risk by performing “Tin Man”, as prior to the performance it was not a single. Luckily, the performance worked in Lambert’s favor as The Weight of These Wings returned to No. 1 on Billboard’s country albums chart and “Tin Man” skyrocketed from nowhere to the week’s highest radio debut.
By being completely vulnerable and showcasing her incredible talent, “Tin Man” is just another reason why Miranda Lambert is one of most powerful ladies in country music today. It’s no wonder that Lambert has been the deserving recipient of the female vocalist of the year awards at the ACMs for the past 8 years! Miranda Lambert’s talent is unmatched so make sure you listen to “Tin Man”, and don’t worry, the talent doesn’t stop there. Check out her double LP, The Weight of These Wings, available everywhere!

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