Adam Levine & 6 Other Artists Who Made Very Touching Tributes

By: Amanda Larrison//
Photo: Huffington Post

Last week on The Voice, Adam Levine gave a very touching tribute to Christina Grimmie, singing the classic Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’  in her honor. Christina was a finalist on Adam’s team during season 6 of The Voice, but she was killed last summer by an obsessed fan while signing autographs at her show in Orlando, Florida.

Levine had some very kind words to say to Christina’s family, who were in the audience at the one place Christina held so close to her heart– The Voice stage. With her loved ones looking on, Levine expressed how much he still loves and misses Christina. With the passion and emotion he put into his performance, there was surely not a dry eye in the house. 

Adam’s extremely touching tribute to Christina was just one of many powerful tributes that musicians have given to talent we’ve lost. Here are some of the most memorable tributes from the past several years that we will never, ever forget.

1. Janet Jackson’s 2009 tribute to Michael


Just a few months after her brothers untimely death, Janet Jackson pulled out all the stops for a performance in Michael’s honor. The King of Pop’s talented sister threw her all into the tribute, shattering glass upon entering the stage and performing Michael’s song “Scream” alongside the original music video. At the end of the performance, Michael’s face was displayed on the screen, looking down at his sister in one of the most touching tribute moments we’ve ever seen.

2. Jennifer Hudson’s 2012 Tribute to Whitney Houston

Many people referred to Whitney Houston as “The Voice” because no other artist even came close to touching her vocal talent. That was why it was so extremely difficult to find someone worthy of doing a tribute for her after her untimely death in February 2012… and on such short notice too! Whitney died the day before The Grammys that year and Jennifer Hudson, the only person who could even come close to Whitney’s talent, stepped up to the plate to perform the legendary hit “I Will Always Love You” in honor of Whit. Even with just hours to plan the tribute, it’s one we will never forget.

3. Adele’s Emotional Tribute to George Michael

Last year was a rough one in the music industry because we lost so many legendary artists. At the 2017 Grammy’s, Adele paid homage to one of those spectacular talents we lost, George Michael, by singing his song, “Fastlove.” After not singing it perfectly the first time, Adele insisted that she start over because the performance was just too important to be any less than perfect. RESPECT.

4. Bruno Mars’s 2011 Tribute to Amy Winehouse

In 2011 the world lost the incredibly talented and soulful Amy Winehouse. That same year bruno mars performed a tribute in her honor, singing her hit song ‘Valerie.’ Bruno’s performance was very energenic and fun, which was nice way to celebrate Amy’s life. The performance featured photos of Amy on the screen in the background as Bruno got the crowd clapping and and singing “Amy, I love you darlin'” and  “Amy, we’ll miss you baby”.  For this reason, this tribute was one of our absolute favorites!

5. Lady Gaga’s 2016 tribute to rockstar David Bowie


Another amazing talent we lost in 2016 was David Bowie. When Lady Gaga was chosen to give a tribute to the late singer she took it very seriously, as he was one of her biggest idols and greatest influences. Gaga sported red hair similar to bowie, along with costume and makeup inspired by him. She put on a powerful performance including Bowie’s songs, “Space Oddity,” “Changes,” “Lets Dance,” and “Heroes.” Gaga did not disappoint and one thing is for certain: this tribute is going to be one that is remembered for a long time.

6. Madonna and Stevie Wonder’s 2016 Tribute to Prince

Everyone remembers the devastating day in 2016 that we lost the legendary Prince to a drug overdose. In his honor, Madonna and Stevie Wonder made an emotional tribute to the late artist, singing “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Purple Rain” on the Billboard Music Awards stage . The performance included a slideshow of Prince, and the entire crowd held up purple lights creating a truly magical moment. Madonna finished her performance by thanking Prince for everything he has done in his lifetime and truly making a difference in the music industry. So sweet.

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