An Interview with Mason Ashley

By: Jordyn Tilchen//

We recently had a chance to interview 18 year old singer and songwriter, Mason Ashley about her new single and plans for the future. Growing up in Magnolia, Texas, she became interested in music at a very young age. All of her experiences with hurts, desires, wishes, and anger poured into journals that were translated into songs. She has been songwriting since age 9, and it is great to see how far she has come since then. Check out the interview below:

Let’s begin by talking about your new single! “Paper Planes” off of your EP Strangers is so amazing and unbelievably moving. What was the inspiration behind the song and what prompted you to choose it as the single?

Thank you for the kind words! The song is so personal to me and it’s really just inspired by the vulnerable and empowering feelings that come from the end of a relationship. It’s about confusion and that feeling when you don’t know what to feel. I really wanted to capture that in song form and when it came down to picking a first single, Paper Planes was the song that really sums up what the record is about.


Now that “Paper Planes” is released to the world, what do you hope listeners will feel or relate to when they listen to the song? 


My hope is that this song can really just help a listener know that they aren’t alone. I hope that it can be a song that can be relatable to anyone going through a storm or mess in their life and maybe even bring some clarity.


 A lot of young kids are into sports, or making jewelry, or stuff like that, but at a young age you took particularly strong interest in writing music and learning instruments. At what age did you begin your musical journey and what do you think initially attracted you to music specifically?


I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was about nine years old. I grew up listening to John Mayer and Matchbox Twenty and then Taylor Swift… they’re all storytellers. They write so honestly and make you relate to them and even at a young age I had this yearning to do that for someone make someone feel something the way music did for me.
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When did you realize you wanted to pursue music as a career? Was there a time in your life when you thought you might wind up doing something different? 


I started performing when I was twelve and it honestly become serious after that. I started recording demos and really pouring all of my energy inyo music. Ever since I started writing and performing I knew that this was it. I don’t think I’ve ever questioned my passion for music.


You began writing your own songs at age 9. How do you go about writing them, and are there any other notable songwriters you look at as inspiration? 


I just write what I’m feeling. It sounds lame but it’s really just as simple as that. I use my songs as a diary and pour my thoughts and feelings into paper. I appreciate so many artists and different types of songs and I’m really just drawn to honesty. Bob Dylan is a huge influence to me. I really discovered him when I was thirteen and it opened up a whole new kind of writing for me. You can just tell when lyrics really meant something to the writer and those are the songs and artists I love.


 Are there any particular artists you’d be interested in collaborating with in the future? Why? 


I am a huge fan of The 1975 at the moment so I have to say that a collab with them would be the coolest thing ever. They do such a fascinating job at blurring the lines between modern and throwback music and I just love it.


Have you set any personal career goals for before the end of 2017? 


A goal of mine for this year is to finish every song I start. I have a habit of giving up on songs of I’m not loving them after writing about half of it…and I want to force myself to finish every song just to get it out of my system. Writing really is a therapy for me.


Do you have any plans to head out on tour any time soon? If not, do you have any particular artists in mind that would be a dream come true to tour with? 


I don’t have any plans at the moment but as a said earlier, The 1975 would obviously be my first choice to tour with. Really any tour would be a dream come true honestly. That’s one part of the music scene i haven’t gotten to experience yet and I’d like to eventually.


What else can we expect from you in the not-so-distant future? Are you planning on working on a full-length release? 


A full length is definitely a possibility for the future. I will be releasing another music video very soon and the EP will follow pretty soon after which is very exciting for me. Other than that I’m really just seeing where this crazy journey will take me.


Check out the video for “Paper Planes” here: