Our Favorite Outdoor Summer Concert Venues

By: Ashley Alvarez//

With summer just around the corner, we’re feeling overly excited for the warm weather and all of the memories that are going to be made. Well, I’m sure many will agree with me when I say that one of the most fun summer activities is going to a concert! It’s always a so incredible to be able to spend summer nights jamming out at a concert with friends, family or even solo. Here are some of the our favorite outdoor concert venues to go attend during the summer!

Pacific Amphitheater – Orange County, California
Photo: atiae.com

Every year I end up going to the Pacific Amphitheater at least once to see a show. This wonderful outdoor venue is located on the famous Orange County fairgrounds. Thankfully, along with your concert ticket you receive free entry into the fair. I love it because it allows me to spend my time before the concert hanging out at the fair and having fun, knowing I can spend the remainder of my day at a show! This venue also contains seats, and isn’t just general admission standing, which is nice in the summer considering the unbearable heat. One of my favorite parts about the venue itself is the fact that no matter where you sit, you have a great view!

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts – Bethel, New York
Photo: XFactorAerial.com

The thing I adore the most about this venue is the beautiful location and greenery surrounding it. I can only imagine how beautiful the the trees look in the summer! The venue gives off major forest vibes, which is a great way to enjoy a show. It kind of makes you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire with friends! The optional lawn seating gives concert-goers a great opportunity to have a picnic prior to the concert and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. If you’re not too fond of lawn seating or picnics, you can get a seat under the canopy where you can relax and not worry about getting a sunburn. It’s here that you’ll be able to enjoy a better view of the show while still being able to take in all of the nature around you.

Mandalay Bay Beach – Las Vegas, Nevada
Photo: Desination360.com

If you’re looking to have a crazy fun concert experience, look no further than Mandalay Bay Beach! Las Vegas is already a place filled with fun experiences and opportunities, so seeing a show here will definitely be unforgettable. Unique to just about every other venue, there’s a pool surrounding the sides of the stage, allowing you to hop in and swim around during the show! How cool?! Vegas is extremely hot during the summer, so I’m sure you’ll be thankful for the pool, especially considering that it’s a general admission venue. Even if you may not be looking to swim, you can still stand around the pool and enjoy the cool atmosphere of Mandalay Beach and some awesome music!

Jay Pritzker Pavilion – Chicago, Illinois
Photo: cpplunkett.photos

Distinguishable by its architecture, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is an imposing venue. The stage’s unique setup is absolutely astounding and looks even cooler at night with lights reflecting off of the shiny surface. The stage isn’t the only unique part about this place, though! The entire lawn area is covered by silver poles which cross over each other. Along with all of this, the venue is located in the middle of the city, giving it a super cool vibe different from most other concert venues.

Red Rocks Amphitheater – Jefferson County, Colorado
Photo: imfromdenver.com

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a gorgeous place to see a concert, as it’s surrounded by rocks formed in the area. Its a truly fascinating place and one that I’m personally dying to visit. It seems as if it’s almost isolated from civilization because of its location and architecture, which must be so amazing to take in and appreciate during a show! It can definitely allow for a more personal concert experience since it’s just the audience and performer in this somewhat isolated place. There aren’t many other venues in the United States which can compare to this extraordinary one, and IMO it’s the PERFECT summer destination.

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