Top 5 Summer Concert Fashion Trends of 2017

By: Ashley Alvarez//

Summer is just around the corner, and that means summer concerts are too! There are so many exciting things about attending a live show, but one of the things I personally find most exciting is choosing what to wear and seeing what fashion trends other concert attendees are sporting. I always try to go for an outfit that’s cute, comfy and matches with the theme or genre of the show I’m seeing. For those of you that are going to a concert this summer and are unsure of what to wear, here are five of my favorite summer concert fashion trends of 2017.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops/Dresses

off the shoulder

Off-the-shoulder styled tops and dresses started to make their rise around spring of last year, and they’ve only grown more popular since. They were extremely popular at Coachella this year and last, and you can never really go wrong with this trend. The great thing about off-the-shoulder is that it’s easy to find something to match with it and there are so many different styles to choose from. You’re bound to find one you like!



Embroidered Jeans

embroidered shorts

I for one absolutely love the embroidery trend! Embroidered jeans are so cute and I’m dying to get myself a pair. Whether you choose to wear denim pants, shorts or even a jacket, you’ll look great with a little extra detail. It adds a some flair to the jeans, which will definitely set your concert outfit apart from others. Personally, I LOVE embroidery on high waisted jean shorts the best. High waisted shorts are already super popular on their own, but adding a little extra something to this staple item will really set your look apart!

Mesh Tops

mesh tops

Summer is always guaranteed to bring the heat, which makes choosing an outfit a million times more difficult. For those of you who aren’t keen on stripping down to a bralette or crop top, a good option to keep cool and look cute are mesh tops! With a mesh top, you can still be cool and comfortable while keeping from overheating in the sun. There are so many different styles of mesh tops and a variety of unique ways you can wear them, which makes them a great choice!




I definitely noticed a TON of bootie styled shoes this year at Coachella and at other music festivals and immediately I fell in love with them. They are a great finishing touch to any outfit and they’re a much better option than gladiator sandals. Although gladiators are also very trendy right now, you don’t want to risk having your toes stepped on repeatedly, so head for the booties! From punk to country style outfits, the booties are guaranteed to look great!


Glitter and Sparkles


Finally, though this isn’t a piece of clothing, going all out with glitter or sparkly makeup for concerts has become the thing to do during the summertime. Whether you apply glitter, a bunch of colorful highlight or some sequins, you are sure to look fabulous!  I mean, who doesn’t love some sparkle? You can also match this trend with just about any outfit, while standing out in the absolute best way!



These trends are bound to be showstoppers at whatever concert you’re attending this summer. I know I’ll be wearing a bunch, if not all of the trends from this list. Make sure to tweet us @Soundigest and show us what trendy styles you’ll be wearing to your favorite concerts this summer!

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  1. Summer is around the corner and we need to be ready for it. Off the shoulder shirts are a must-have for this summer season, with their undeniable versatility to be paired with almost anything!!!

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