Perrie Edwards Bravely Reveals Her Scars

By Annette Mayorkas//

In case you haven’t heard, Perrie Edwards of the girl group Little Mix has recently posted a picture of herself that exposes her scar.  This scar has been an insecurity of hers for a really long time and the photo took a lot of bravery to post, but inspired millions of young people all over the world.  Even if Perrie’s fans have not been through her exact situation, many have been touched by her bravery in other ways.  Twitter has been going wild reacting to this photo, with fans expressing just how much she’s helped them.  Here are a few of the sweet tweets:

When Perrie was asked about this scar, she revealed that when she was born her oesophagus was too small, so in order to eat properly she had to have multiple operations.  This clearly is not an easy subject for her to speak out about, especially since she’s a public figure, so kudos to her for being so open!

In addition to posting photos revealing her scar, Perrie has worn multiple outfits that reveal it as well. We think it makes her look pretty badass!





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Thank you to Perrie Edwards for showing us, once again, to love ourselves and our bodies. We are all beautiful and it’s fantastic to see Perrie reminding us of that.

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