Our Favorite Lyrics From Christina Grimmie’s “All Is Vanity”

By: Kerry Gallagher//

To mark the one-year anniversary of Christina Grimmie’s tragic death last week, her family released her first posthumous album, All Is Vanity, and we’ve been playing it on a loop all week! From the album title, down to each specific track and everything in-between, this is the perfect embodiment of Christina’s everlasting spirit.unnamed (2)

Her family titled the album after a tattoo the singer had on her arm of her favorite bible verse from the book of Ecclesiastes. During an interview after an episode of NBC’s The Voice Christina shared that her tattoo served as a reminder for her to “never let the ego of doing well or being successful, never letting that get to you.” Each track on this album represents what she stood for as a human being, and introduces us to a new mature sound Christina had made for herself.

All Is Vanity is one of those rare albums where picking just a few tracks to talk about is impossible, as each one tells it’s own story and is impossible to look over. The simple truth is that you need to listen to this album in it’s entirety because it’s a masterpiece, end of story. As if you needed even more of a reason to listen to All Is Vanity once or 12 times, I’m going to share our favorite lyrics from each track!

  1. “Sublime”: Feel your love all over me / Can’t stop thinking we could be sublime
  2. “Steady Love”: Where the ocean meets the sky / Lay shadows on the crimson tide / I’m gonna give you steady love / And love you till the storm subsides
  3. “Invisible”: I won’t be diminished, eclipsed or hidden / You’re gonna see my light blaze back to life like the phoenix rise
  4. “Crowded Room”: Here in this crowded room / I found everyone but myself
  5. “Everybody Lies”: We always wanna cast the blame / Always waiting on the world to change / Maybe we should start with ourselves
  6. “Pressure”: I’d rather be hated for who I am / Than loved for who I’m not
  7. “Maybe I”: If you can’t love yourself / Then you’re never gonna rise above
  8. “Echo”: You can keep all the hearts you’re holding / Cause I don’t need you where I’m going
  9. “I Only Miss You When I Breathe”: Love is a power/ Making you stronger / So why do I always only miss you when I breathe
  10. “The Game”: Just because of you / I laugh and cry at the same time / It’s never any other waygiphy4

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