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Best Lyrics on 2 Chainz’s “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”

By: Amanda Lee

trap2 Chainz has always been an entertaining and animated lyricist in the rap world. His third solo studio album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, is a project that tells the story from his humble beginnings in Atlanta to a life of luxury. He dives deep into early his drug dealing days made that made him appreciate the value of money. He also wants you to know he’s not like the new rap and trap artists these days, but his goal is to make trap music that can be appreciated by all. His growth as an artist certainly manifests on this album and here are some of the standout lyrics:

Saturday Night

“I booked studio with the trap money / Lil Wayne used to come get the bags from me / You still asking niggas for gas money / I look at these rappers like crash dummies”

Riverdale Road

“Riverdale, he was there, she was there, you wasn’t there / I was the same ol’ nigga / Yeah that trap had raised a nigga / How could you blame a nigga?”

Good Drank

“Today I’m in the Maybach / And that car came with some drapes / You know I look like a safe, I put you back in your place / I look you right in your face, sing to your bitch like I’m Drake”

4 AM

“Got my first quarter flippin’ fifty-dollar slabs / Your nigga’s lookin’ at the bills, askin’ you for half / Anytime she wanna dip I’m providin’ the sauce/You on side of the boss, so you kind of the boss/You keep playin’ with me, I end up signing your boss”

It’s a Vibe

“Okay, so I got the ambiance just where I want it / And if you get paid, it’s solely based on your performance / My ego is enormous like my crib in California / If you ain’t got no heart, man you gonna need a donor / Now I said I’m from the corner of the ATL / Where we got that clientele, avoid paper trails / Broke so many bales down that I’m shell shocked / I held Glocks, sold rocks by the mailbox”

OG Kush Diet

“Yeah, your favorite rapper’s got no talent/Homeboy got coke habits/Used to drive a Porsche ’til I found out it was made by Volkswagen/This here is a toe tag ’em, Tity Boi gon’ and toe tag ’em/Go ahead, hook they ass up to the tow truck/Let them know this a throat slashing/Your baby mama got no passion/Her best friend act old-fashioned/Tell her take them panties off when she walk around my boat laughing”