5 Times Demi Has Proven She’s a Total Badass

By: Caroline Burkhart//

It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE Demi Lovato and think that she slays life 24/7. She’s someone I look up to for many reasons, and one of those is that she is a TOTAL badass. Here are just some of the times that come to mind when I think of her bad-assery. Check it out! 

1. Her revenge-soaked new song, “Sorry Not Sorry”


In a direct quote from Demi about her latest single, she said, “This is an anthem for anyone for anyone who’s ever been hated on and came out from the other side like a f–ing savage.” I honestly couldn’t agree more! Listening to this song makes you feel like you are on top of the world and ready to show all the haters what you’re made of.

2. A little #TBT to 2013 when Demi told Cosmo what she thought was truly “badass” 


Lovato said to the mag, “What’s badass is when you can sit through your problems and feel emotions when you don’t want to have them.” The pop star is a HUGE advocate for mental health and she reminds us all that although life can be tough, you have to always power through.

3. One word: CONFIDENT.


Have you heard the song and seen the music video? Hello! GIRL POWER. Although this song came out almost 2 years ago, it’s still played during award shows, movie previews, and other very important moments. This song is everything that Demi stands for and is a great reminder to always remain confident.

4. The way she handles a fall on stage


If you are a Demi fan, it is no secret that she falls on stage a lot… but the best part is that she always handles it in the most badass way possible! Sometimes it almost looks planned, and she’s never afraid to joke about it afterwards!


5. All of the times she’s reminded us to love ourselves & our bodies (which is thankfully a lot)


Demi is always posting instagrams of herself at the beach or post workout reminding us that being confident & healthy is beautiful. In a world where it feels like women are constantly put down, I am thankful to have someone to look up to that always promotes #selflove.

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