RaeLynn Lets Her “Lonely Call” Ring All Night Long With New Single

By: Kerry Gallagher//

Lonely_Call_(Official_Single_Cover)_by_RaeLynnWe’ve all been there before. This seemingly perfect guy walks into your life, you hit it off, and the sun and the moon and the stars align. That is, until they only start calling you at midnight. Sometimes not picking up is easy. Other times you need country singer-songwriter RaeLynn in your corner.

Enter her new song “Lonely Call.” The track, which is her second single off of her debut album WildHorse, is the saving grace any girl needs when she’s been demoted from the wake up call to the (literal) lonely call.

The 22-year-old opens the song by painting a scene we know all too well: another night of binge-watching bad television by yourself with comfort food when, just like clockwork, you hear the one ringtone that you don’t want to hear at that time of night.

RaeLynn continues to paint the contrasting emotions one faces when they go from someone’s “6 AM / Hey good morning, beautiful / How’ve you been?” to their “Midnight number / Familiar voice / When you start to wonder if you’ve made the wrong choice” throughout the chorus.

The music video, which dropped last Friday, is exactly what you would expect from Raelynn if you were friends. She shows up (glamorous as ever) with flowers in hand, intervenes by hiding your phone in a kitchen cabinet, hugs you when you cry and eats ice cream straight out of the carton with you.

Just in case you need a little more support, RaeLynn has a back-up team of girls ready to dance and sing with you while you stick to her advice: “Let it ring all night long”.

Stream “Lonely Call” on Apple Music and Spotify and check out the music video below:

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