Tyler The Creator Speaks in Metaphors on New Album, ‘Flower Boy’

By: Anna Downs// 
ASAP Rocky In Concert - New Orleans, LA
Photo: Billboard

Tyler the Creator, a California native, released his fourth studio album titled Flower Boy just last week. The highly anticipated hip-hop/rap album dropped on July 21st, and all 14 tracks were produced by Tyler himself.

Leading up to the release of the album, Tyler put out a music video featuring two brand new singles, “Who Dat Boy” featuring A$AP Rocky, and “911/Mr. Lonely.”  This album hits a wide range emotions, easily felt within and between each track. For me personally, this album was one that I enjoyed best by listening to it in it’s entirety, perhaps on a car drive or while relaxing outside.

Although some of the lyrics are deep and are based on events or feelings from a more difficult time in Tyler’s life, the overall album sounds like one of recovery. Nowadays, he is feeling happier not only his music career, but in his personal life as well. Also, Tyler posted on social media sharing that his favorite track off the album is “November,” which seems to be about when he fell in love for the first time. At the end of the song there is a compilation of people sharing about when their “November” took place, which was such a unique addition to the music.

This album really showcased Tyler’s growth as an artist both literally and figuratively. Throughout the record, his songs “Where This Flower Blooms,” “Garden Shed,” and “Droppin’ Seeds” all literally speak upon growth among flowers or plants. These particular songs about growth seem to be a metaphor for how Tyler has evolved in his career and his personal life.

Something most apparent to me were the transitions between tracks. Not to mention, the beats are truly a work of art. I myself was extremely excited for the release of this album, and it has absolutely lived up to my expectations. There isn’t one song you’d want to skip for the simple reason that they all flow so well together.

I have been listening to Flower Boy on repeat since its release and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. My personal top two favorites are “Ain’t Got Time!” and “911/Mr. Lonely.” Both give off almost polar opposite vibes, but the music really makes you feel something. My advice? Go buy Flower Boy on iTunes!