“Dial Dan” Is Back!

By: Amanda Meyer//

IMG_2714Breaking down the stigma of mental health is a very important mission and every action taken in support of that definitely helps. Dan Croll, a British singer-songwriter, suffers from anxiety, depression and loneliness and wants to use his experiences to help others. Although Croll already does so much with his voice, he’s now lending it to a hotline where fans (or anyone in general) can speak to him about mental illness, their struggles or just about anything that’s on their mind.

The idea of this hotline originally came to Croll when he began posting on social media about mental health awareness and his own personal experiences with anxiety and depression. From there, he created “Dial Dan” where anyone can call, text or leave him voicemails. The one rule Croll made was for himself; he cannot hang up on anyone.

Croll took 246 calls during the last “Dial Dan” and some conversations even lasted an hour! And guess what? He’s coming back next week, August 21-25!

I’m personally a very big mental health advocate and I think what Dan Croll is doing is impressive and inspiring in so many ways. Even though many artists do try to break the mental health stigma, this case goes above and beyond. Croll wants to help others just by talking them through their problems during a short (or sometimes long) phone chat, and that is something so different and amazing. To talk to Croll next week, please call or text 1-424-261-2636.

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