Interview with Ally Ryan and her single “Wasted,” as seen on!

By: Victoria Moorwood//

Ally Ryan
is new to the pop star world, but she’s already ahead of the game. Her debut single “Wasted” made it to #5 on Billboard Hot New Singles and made it to #3 on‘s #NextWaveJuly competition. Fans sent in over 7,000 lip-sync video entries of Ally’s song “Wasted” to, making it a top contender.

exclusive-interview-with-ally-ryan-01-758x543 is a social media platform that allows fans to create lip-sync videos to their favorite songs. Each month they hold a #NextWave competition, which ranks the most lip-synced song.

Here, Ally talks about being among the top artists for #NextWaveJuly, her new EP coming soon, and her single “Wasted.”

Congrats on being among the 15 finalists for #NextWaveJuly, and you were in the top three! What has it been like seeing fans get creative with your song “Wasted”?

It’s been really cool! I love seeing fans react to the song and create their own visuals to it! I secretly sit around and watch them for hours! To know that your music is bringing joy to someone is an incredible feeling!

What does your song “Wasted” mean to you, compared to how fans have been interpreting it on

I feel like the fans relate to the song in their own ways but I can definitely relate on a personal level! This record is essentially about two people who are in love but are toxic for one another. I’ve been in this situation many times where I’ve fought long and hard to keep a relationship alive when in reality we were both miserable and just were’t good for one another.

What was the idea behind the “Wasted” video?

The idea behind the video was to keep the vibes super light and fun. We wanted fans to be able to watch and build their own story around the song rather than us telling them exactly what it was about!

You’re currently working on an EP, due out in 2018, how is that process going?

The process is going amazing! We are so close to being done but I am a perfectionist, so everything has to be 100 percent ready before release! But I am super excited for everyone to hear it!

What can fans expect from the EP?

I think the fans are going to be surprised when they hear the EP. It’s still got the fun records similar to “Wasted,” but I also slow it down a bit and get pretty personal.

Where are your finding most of your inspiration for your EP?

Most of my inspiration comes from my heart, [laughing] as corny as that sounds! I am an extremely sensitive and emotional person, so I usually channel whatever I am feeling into my music.

What would you like to say to your fans who had a part in making you so highly ranked in #NextWaveJuly?

Thank you thank you thank you!!! You’re support means the world!… Oh and umm keep making Musical.lys so I can secretly watch them all day instead of doing actual work!!

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