EXCLUSIVE interview with Now, Now from High & Low Fest!

By: Victoria Moorwood//

Now, Now blew fans away over the weekend in San Bernardino, CA at the first annual High & Low Festival. It’s been 5 years since their last album, Threadsand the band is ready to plunge back in with their latest single, “SGL” and new music on the way. Now, Now’s “KC” Dalager and Bradley Hale were just as chill in person as they are in their music. Their second-wind fire showed up on stage and clearly resonated with their screaming fans. Here, Now, Now opens up about their hiatus, what they’ve been working on, “SGL’s” actual title, and what’s to come.

What song are each of you most excited to perform today? I know that’s a tough one.

Bradley: It is tough, ‘cause I’m excited to play them all.

KC: I’m excited to play the new ones, those are always the most fun.

Like “SGL”?

Bradley: Yes.

KC: And other unreleased ones.

Bradley: I think those are the ones I’m most excited about.

KC: Those ones have been, at the shows, most exciting to play.

Now, Now// Photo by Victoria Moorwood

Yeah, because they’re new. So, when are those songs going to officially released?

 Bradley: Very soon!

KC: Something soon!

Is the song title “SGL” an acronym?

 Bradley: It’s actually really funny—

KC: It’s “Shot Gun Lover.” That’s the name of the song.

Bradley: The demo was just called that from the beginning and we were like, ‘Oh, that just feels right.’ But it’s really funny, because I think we thought it was really obvious, but like no one gets it. Everyone has like their own meaning behind it.

KC: There’s a good amount of people who think the song is called “Single.” They’re like, ‘Oh it’s a single, so it’s probably called “Single.”’ Like, even my sister! She was like, ‘I heard “Single” on the radio’ or whatever, and I was like—my own sister!?

Bradley: [Laughing] Yeah, so that’s been pretty funny.

KC: She’s like, ‘But that’s a single though…’ Like, um, I don’t call songs, “Song” [laughing].

Now, Now// Photo by Victoria Moorwood

I like the lyrics too, did that come from a personal experience?

KC: All the lyrics that we have come from personal experience, or a personal relationship, or some experience.

Bradley: I feel like we’re not the type of people that can, like, create a story that didn’t happen to us.

KC: Yeah, it has to make me feel like a very strong emotion to be able to write about it.

And the music video for “SGL” just dropped recently. Where did you guys film that?

Bradley: Some of it was Joshua Tree and we did some just in an apartment in LA and on a street there. So, pretty simple, but it did exactly what we wanted it to do.

Since your last album what have you guys been working on?

 Bradley: Some offshoots here and there, but it’s been very focused.

KC: On this new release!

What can fans expect now that you’re back in full force?

Both: More music.

Bradley: More shows.

KC: More videos.

Bradley: We’re back.

KC: We’re just going full-force. Coming back, we have to be the best version that we can be and I feel like that was a little bit much—the pressure. Like, ok, we’ve taken this time off, now we need to come back better than we were, or why do this? I mean, I guess that’s just a general thing anyways. You always wanna be leveling up in your own way, but I feel like for us—we’re ready to level up.

Bradley: Yeah, we’re always trying to level up.

Now, Now// Photo by Victoria Moorwood

Do you think you’re putting even more of yourselves into it than before you left?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. 100 percent.

KC: Definitely.

KC: In a different way. It’s not that we didn’t care before, it feels very different now.

Bradley: I think we just learned a lot. Like, we’ve been doing this band for 10 years, so like through that much time you—and in this sort of environment—you’re constantly learning stuff. I feel like we’re still learning a lot.

KC: You reach a certain point where you’re like, ‘I’ve experienced what I need to experience.’ Like, ‘I’ve learned it all,’ like, ‘I’m good.’ And then you do something else and you’re like, ‘Maybe next time, not that!’ There’s so much more than what you think. Like, you have a plan and you go into it very straightforward, simple, it just never is.

Bradley: I think I always am looking for that moment when I’m like, ‘Ok, I got it all figured out.’ And I think that the fact that never happens is exciting and necessary to like keep progressing as a band.

Otherwise it’d be boring!

Bradley: Yeah [laughing].

Now, Now// Photo by Lauren Brown

So, would you say that you’re changing direction at all? Like will people that were really into your old stuff, are they going to notice a change?

Bradley: I don’t know if they’ll notice a change but I think the core of it is still very much us.

KC: I think we just feel more confident about what we’re doing now and maybe things that we would’ve felt insecure about doing, we don’t feel that anymore. And I think that’s just like the biggest thing, if anyone’s gonna notice a shift, we’re going with our gut more now than we ever have.

Bradley: I agree.

Now, Now// Photo by Victoria Moorwood
Now, Now// Photo by Victoria Moorwood

Really amazing stuff can come from that. In the future, will there be more shows? Are you touring?

Bradley: We have some more stuff up until the end of the year and then next year’s probably gonna be pretty busy.

KC: Way more extensive, like longer tours.

Right, because you’re putting new music out and then you’re going to go play it.

Bradley: Yeah, exactly. Now we’re trying to learn all the songs and play it and stuff. Like we’re playing a couple today and it’s gonna be really fun.

To test it out?

Both: Yeah, exactly.

Now, Now// Photo by Lauren Brown

So what’s something that, looking into the future, you would love to do? Like a festival or an event that you’d really love to play at?

KC: We were looking forward to this.

Bradley: This is cool, we just did the state fair.

KC: The state fair!

Bradley: If you’re not from Minnesota you might not understand how cool that is, but that was very exciting. I feel like you always say you wanna do SNL one day.

KC: I do! I mean, that’s not something we have coming up, but that’s just like the dream of dreams.

Bradley: Yeah, that would be cool.

KC: The state fair was a huge, huge thing for us. Like I didn’t even think that was an option to do.

That was a milestone.

KC: Yeah for sure. We weren’t even headlining. It was Phantogram.

Bradley: That was really cool.

Now, Now// Photo by Lauren Brown

How about a little love message to your fans?

Bradley: Thank you for you waiting for us.

KC: Thank you for sticking around. We’ve been working the whole time, just figuring out our end.

Bradley: It meant a lot to see the reaction at the shows and it really means a lot to us and that kind of helps us keep going.

KC: It’s always really positive and reaffirming for us when something we felt really good about, people respond well to. It’s a good feeling.

Now, Now// Photo by Lauren Brown

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