Why Tove Lo’s New Single May Be Her Best Yet

By: Kyle Saavedra

tove-lo-disco-titsBack in 2014, Tove Lo dominated radio waves with her hit single, “Habits (Stay High)”. By singing about the numbness that heartbreak brings, Tove brought a raw, refreshing perspective on traditional love songs. She continued that streak of breaking boundaries with her sophomore album Lady Wood, which discussed the highs and lows of a relationship, as well as female sexuality. Her newest single “Disco Tits” is no exception to that trend, and it proves that Tove Lo is a force on pop radio to be reckoned with.

Opening with a distorted echo reciting, “I say hi, you say hi/We stay high/You look so pretty, yeah,” the track jumps into an up-beat groove accompanied by small bursts of chimes. The beat is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s smash-hit “Can’t Feel My Face,” with the momentum to plant its catchy beat into pop listeners’ minds and shoot straight to #1.

The lyrics in “Disco Tits” are perfectly on-brand with Tove’s unfiltered expressions and bold themes, as the track narrates her seduction of a lover and the electric feeling she gets when turned on by them. “I’m sweatin’ from head to toe/I’m wet through all my clothes/I’m fully charged, nipples are hard/Ready to go” construct the simple chorus, but it packs a lot of punches. With such striking imagery, listeners almost feel like they are in the same situation as Tove, prepping for a passionate moment with someone they’ve been eyeing across the dance floor. The mix of drugs, alcohol, and sex in the song are a recipe for a perfect pop anthem – one that the public will hopefully be able to swallow.

“Disco Tits” is the lead single off of Tove’s forthcoming album Blue Lips, which will follow the same storyline as her sophomore effort Lady Wood. Listen to the blazing track here.

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