MTV TRL Reboot PLUS Our Top 5 TRL Moments

By: Paige Pomerantz//

4d6078193b09e762089495ce6f175a1990s kids rejoice! MTV is bringing back their hit show Total Request Live, aka TRL, this fall! The revival is in attempt to get back to MTV’s “Music Television” roots and improve dropped ratings.

Originally airing from 1998-2008, the show will be aired in hour-long segments, and to recreate the iconic music video countdown show, a new, bigger studio is being built in Times Square.

TRL was once hosted by Carson Daly, who now hosts singing competition The Voice, but MTV is bringing in five fresh faces this time around: DJ, actress, TV host Amy Pham, musician D.C. Young Fly, Youtuber and radio host Erik Zachary, reporter Lawrence Jackson, and pop culture expert Tamara Dhia.

“MTV at its best—whether it’s news, whether it’s a show, whether it’s a docu-series—is about amplifying young people’s voices,” MTV president Chris McCarthy told the Times. “We put young people on the screen, and we let the world hear their voices. We shouldn’t be writing 6,000-word articles on telling people how to feel.”

To get ready for the series premiere on October 2nd, here are Soundigest’s top five favorite TRL moments!

When Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart (aka Sabrina The Teenage Witch) Hosted

When blink-182 Rocked Out “Dammit”

 Avril Lavigne’s Interview

When Lindsay Lohan SANG

 When NSYNC Performed “Bye Bye Bye”

 Who do you want to see on the TRL reboot? Leave a comment below or tweet us @soundigest!

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