SZA Strikes Back with “Quicksand”

By: Tamara Chapman//

NDEfm46gSZA is back at it again with “Quicksand,” one of the most highly anticipated tracks from the addictive new HBO series Insecure.  This track does an amazing job with displaying SZA’s raspy yet soft vocal capabilities. The lyrics reel you in and her voice; like sweet mango and venom makes you want to listen to her sing forever. “Should I assume it’s me, sweet disposition, switchin’ position, duckin’ submission”. Always hitting us with the rawest lyrics, she continues, “I’m scared of love, make it easy for me. You’re hard to trust, why you runnin’ from me?” SZA is the best with addressing the most emotional issues to help remind us that we aren’t alone. “Don’t wanna be scared to love,” yet that’s the risk she’s willing to take. This track is genius. It actually visualizes the concept of being mentally trapped in what could feel like quicksand, but what is really an internal battle to bring yourself to love someone.

SZA has definitely outdone herself yet again. “Quicksand” is available now on Apple Music and Spotify. If you like what you hear, SZA’s debut album Ctrl is available now on all streaming platforms. She is also currently on tour, which doesn’t wrap up until late December so catch her when she hits a city near you!


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