The Meadows: Food, Art & Culture

By: Anna Glinski//

Okay… let’s talk The Meadows. The festival took place this past weekend at Citi Field in Flushing, New York, and it featured artists like Jay-Z, Gorillaz, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Future, Nas, M.I.A. and many others. We have another post that analyzes the musical aspect of the festival, but this is strictly about the food, the art, and of course, the culture.

Food & Drink

The Meadows quite simply WINS with food. We’ve been to a ton of other festivals, but we have to say, The Meadows is very much on top of the game with the variety of food offered. Part of that could be due to location. Queens is a cultural center of NYC, especially when it comes to food. Below are some food and drink highlights.

The Infatuation Village brought us some of the coolest eats in NYC…..and this really cool artwork!
Taiyaki NYC featured milkshakes and slushies in a unicorn floater. Man, wishing we were laying in a pool floating around with one of these.
When the line for isn’t an hour long….you get it! The cookie dough-ery featured this motivational neon sign.
Our choice? Cookie batter in a pink cone.
Roberta’s, ranked one of NYC’s top pizzerias, brought brick ovens on wheels to cater to festival goers!
Electric Sky Wine, Interscope Records’ wine, brought their stackable wine to the festival! They featured pinot grigio and rose. What a genius business idea. | Photo: David Perez
John’s Juice brought their fruit party to The Meadows. Here, our photographer Sarah enjoys her juice in a dragon fruit!


The Meadows also places a large emphasis on local artists to help bring the festival to life. One of our favorite colorful aspects of the festival was the line of wacky wavy inflatable tube men waving around to techno music all day. What a creative idea!




We participated in two specific experiences. One was a Viceland Bus private happy hour, and the other was a VIP upgrade experience from American Eagle! See the details below.

Viceland invited us to their private happy hour, which was located on a blinged-out school bus! (By blinged-out I mean there was a bear head and a fridge stocked with alcohol *winky face*)
Viceland’s area was busy all weekend, as they featured content from the TV channel, music, meet and greets, and interviews.
Sarah tweeted about The Meadows, and next thing we know we are getting a VIP upgrade from American Eagle! Talk about a surprise! American Eagle’s activation included an interactive photo booth and a giant bed area for festival goers to relax.
BFA_Anna Glinski 4.jpg
The VIP upgrade even included a meet and greet with artist Joey Bada$$! He signed an exclusive AEO X The Meadows hat for all winners. Huge thank you to American Eagle for this treat.
So, that VIP upgrade, huh? The Meadows had creatively decorated tents around all the stages for VIP attendees. It was the perfect place to chill out and charge.


Ah, this is a tough one. It’s hard to define what a perfect festival culture is, but the amount of underage-drinking-on-too-many-drugs- teenagers was a bit overwhelming. However, no reason to be critical, because this is a reoccurring issue with every festival we’ve attended. We do have to say, as the night went on, the number of these kids diminished, as the older fans came to see the headliners. I mean from what we saw, there were SO many people that came strictly for Jay-Z and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. As long as everyone is having fun and staying safe, then a positive festival culture exists.


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