Meet Your New Favorite British Boy Band, RoadTrip!

By: Victoria Moorwood//


Are all of you Directioners still heartbroken over the band’s split? Well, the wait is over… your new favorite British boyband has arrived! Andy, Rye, Brooklyn, Mikey, and Jack make up the five-piece pop group RoadTrip that has taken over the internet with their incredible covers, original music, and hilarious YouTube channel. They are currently touring in Europe, their latest original song and music video “Don’t Hurt Yourself” has already made waves, and you can pre-order their second EP October 1st!

In our silly video interview with RoadTrip, the guys talk about pranks, new music, bust out their dance moves, reveal their adorable nicknames for each other, talk about coming to the US, and Jack, of course, takes off his shirt (plus his hilarious story about always being shirtless).

Between their fun covers…

And their honest, emotional new single…

RoadTrip has it all. Enjoy our video!

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    1. Andy was the first member then it qaw Rye and then Mikey and then Brooklyn and then it was Jack

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