Maren Morris Releases New Song in the Wake of the Las Vegas Tragedy

By: Chelsea Richardson//
Photo: SONY Music Nashville

In times of tragedy and sorrow, we often look to music as a healing and coping mechanism. We latch on to every lyric to uplift our spirits and to reassure us that everything will be okay. After the mass shooting at the Route 21 Music Festival in Las Vegas, Maren Morris released “Dear Hate,” a melodic and heartfelt letter to all of the darkness in the world. The song was written by Morris three years ago, but was recorded last year alongside country music legend, Vince Gill. Since then, fans have been asking Morris when she was going to release it.

On the day of the shooting, Morris tweeted, “I never knew when would be a right time, but I realized today that there’s never a right time” She added, “Hate is everywhere, and I’m sick of not doing enough.”

“Dear Hate” was posted on YouTube where fans showed their love and praise for the powerful song. Because of the overwhelming response, the song was put on iTunes with all proceeds going to the Music City Cares Fund, which benefits the victims of the mass shooting. Within a few hours, it reached number one on the iTunes charts.

Maren showcases her beautiful songwriting ability in this song, and one of the most powerful lyrics is, “love’s gonna conquer all,” which rings so true to me and many others. When something tragic happens, it’s easy to focus on all the negativity. It’s easy to fall in a pit of darkness and not see a way out. But, we must remember that love is stronger than hate, and at the end of the day, love is what is going to shine through the most.

Featured Image: (ABC/Image Group LA)