“All Falls Down” Alan Walker feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals

Twitter: @IAmAlanWalker/ SONY Music Entertainment

Norwegian DJ Alan Walker dropped his newest single and music video “All Falls Down” this Friday. The song—in collaboration with Noah Cyrus and Digital Farm Animals—is a bright, feel-good tune.

Cyrus’s sultry tone intros the opening lines of the song, “What’s the trick I wish I knew/ I’m so done with thinking through” and carries it to its electronic chorus. Towards the end of the song, her voice is met with a male vocal and their voices melt together on the final verse and chorus so sweetly.

In regards to more traditional EDM music, this song is a lot softer. “All Falls Down” even has a softer vibe than Walker’s previous hit “Faded.” With the clout around Noah Cyrus these days, I’m sure there will be a lot of interest around this song due to her collaboration on this track. The same can be said for Digital Farm Animals’ feature on the song. Regardless, if you’re a hardcore EDM fan or not, this song is a fun, EDM jam. The trio of artists came together brilliantly making this a song that can be played over and over without getting bored.

Along with the song release, Walker also put out the music video for “All Falls Down” as well. The video for the song is a part two follow-up to his most recent music video and single “Tired” ft. Galvin James. The “All Falls Down” video starts with a quote on-screen by George Herbert Mead that says, “Society is unity in diversity,” which sets the tone and is a socially relevant in the political climate that exists today.

The videos are set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic reality. Because the video is part two to the original, it might be helpful to go back and watch the “Tired” music video for some context, but overall the song is an easy-listening EDM track. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if only to hear Noah Cyrus’s beautiful vocals.

Featured Image: Twitter (@Iamalanwalker)