Sam Smith Sets Our Feelings on Fire with New Single, “Burning”

Opening with the breathtaking a cappella chorus accompanied by some simple piano, Sam Smith graces us with another track, titled “Burning,” off of his new album, The Thrill of it All.  Keeping close to what he’s known for, the track certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Striking an emotional string that may not have even been there before, Smith takes us on a journey with his meaningful lyrics.

Photo: Twitter @samsmithworld

Smith sings, “I’ve been burning, yes, I’ve been burning. Such a burden, this flame on my chest .”  Expressing how much the situation is hurting him. Following with our favorite line, “No insurance to pay for the damage.  Yeah, I’ve been burning up since you left.” Showing the perfect comparison of how much damage was left behind after getting through the problem.

Reminiscing about an old lover, Smith delivers the perfect ballad accompanied by falsettos and all. This track is a great reflection of the album and of Sam Smith as a artist.  Showcasing great vocals, lyrics and production in general, the haunting lines linger behind long after the song is over.  The emotional track is certain to have you looking out of the window on a rainy day.   Check out the single below!

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Featured Photo: Twitter (@samsmithworld)

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