Wait…Interscope Records has its own WINE?

By: Anna Glinski//

IMG_1522.jpgIf you’re an avid festival goer like myself, you can’t help but to start paying attention to small details at festivals- whether it be where people’s clothes are from, what are some repeat food vendors, and what kind of alcohol is being served. As a people watcher at my first Gov Ball in 2015, I noticed plenty of people walking around with beers, but something else caught my eye. People were walking around with stackable glasses of wine! I thought to myself, “WOW, what an idea!”

Imagine walking around a festival carrying an entire bottle of wine (I know, we all wish we could do that). But then, imagine doing that but in a way more innovative and convenient way. Electric Sky Wine brings us both of those elements. Founded by Interscope Records, Electric Sky Wine is THE shareable wine of music festivals. It has been featured at festivals like Governor’s Ball, The Meadows, and Life is Beautiful. Types of wine included? California Red Blend, French Rosé, California Moscato, and Italian Pinot Grigio.

We got to try Electric Sky’s California Red Blend and French Rosé recently. The following is a review of the whole wine experience!


This is what makes Electric Sky so GENIUS. The worst thing is being at a music festival and having a large uncapped drink (you know, because they have to take the caps off) you’re kind of stuck with either chugging or holding onto in the middle of a mosh pit. Electric Sky’s wine comes in a connected 4-glass bottle. So not only do you have FOUR glasses of wine, you also don’t have to drink all of them at once. Simply unzip the colorful plastic to reveal 4 full glasses of wine! If you open a single glass and don’t want to drink it at the moment, just snap it into the bottom of the stack! The glasses are also adorable (I kept them afterwards).


I personally preferred the Rosé (but I’m an avid  Rosé drinker, so ignore my bias here). It tasted very berry-ful and a little sour, while the California Red Blend was sweeter. Also worth mentioning, each glass is a very hearty portion.



The wine retails for about $12.99 per stack, while upcharged at music festivals (duh, that’s all part of the business strategy). A list of places where the wine can be purchased can be found here. Also, keep an eye out for them when festival season starts up again!

Marketing Insights

Alcohol is an interesting venture for Interscope Records, who houses artists like Madonna, Maroon 5, and Lady Gaga. Diversifying their business strategy to include alcohol may seem far fetched, but, in fact, music and alcohol are highly related. Quite frankly, music festivals are a large drinking party. Electric Sky hones in on consumer preferences and understands their needs especially in terms of packaging. From my understanding, the venture has been highly successful- in the sense that, the next time you go to a music festival, notice how many people are walking around with stackable wine! I cannot believe someone did not come up with this idea sooner.

So I’ll let you decide….is Electric Sky Wine the wine of the future?

To learn more about Electric Sky Wine, check out their website here.

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