JINCO Premieres New Track “Haven’t Said” and Discusses Writing Process

California boy, JINCO, is taking the EDM world by storm with his glowing musical presence, innovative remixes, and powerful original music. With the release of his newest track “Haven’t Said” dropping today, Soundigest got a moment to ask JINCO some burning questions about his approach to songwriting, playing festivals, and his recent touring on the other side of the world. Be sure to read until the end to give his new original song “Haven’t Said” a spin!

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How did you first get into electronic music and who/what have been your inspirations throughout your career?

I first got into EDM after my experience at Coachella Music Festival in 2010. I had never been to a music festival and never really been exposed to Electronic Music. I got to see acts like Wolfgang Gartner, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Miike Snow, and it was incredible. The energy I felt from the performances changed my life. After the festival, I came home and told my friends and family that I was going to change careers from an Art Director at my brothers company, Radical Studios, to producing music and DJ-ing. Obviously, everyone laughed and said, “ya right,” but once they saw my dedication to my new dream, they really jumped on board and gave me their full support.

Surfing is a huge influence on my music and my life. It’s a place for me to be at peace with nature and to really just quiet my thoughts. I’m inspired by a lot of artists that I’ve worked with in the past and how they have taken their careers beyond the next level (Kayzo, Slander, Jaykode, etc.) I also am extremely inspired by The Beatles and how they took so many risks with their music. I probably listen to them the most out of any other artist in the world.

Give us an idea of how an artist like yourself creates a great remix. How do you know which song to remix and which parts you want to get creative with?

Honestly, remixes usually pick me. Something happens after listening to a song which sparks something deep inside me and I can hear a remix idea instantly. I’ll then hit the studio and just start writing. It’s hard to really explain how I choose parts but it’s just something that happens when I’m in my creative zone.

Your newest remix of Sofi Tukker’s “Fuck They” is fire! What attracted you to working on that song?

I first heard this song from my sister-in-law and the song just resonated with me. I felt like I could really relate to the concept about just giving the middle finger to the powers that be. I also really loved the vocals and guitar breakdown, so I felt I just had to give it a little twist with my style.

You create great original music as well. Your new track “Haven’t Said” has it’s own creative style to it and is definitely different than your remix work. How does the process of making remixes and writing original songs differ? 

When I make music I just let my ideas flow freely and try not to think too much about a style or genre. I love all types of music and when I am in the studio, I just let my mind run. With “Haven’t Said”, this was actually a song I made about 2 years ago with my writing partner Craig Dobbin and one day I revisited it, and bam, the song was born. The feature on the track, Jake Herring, hit me up one day to collaborate, so I showed him the song and he loved it. We had a few skype sessions to write the lyrics together and it just flowed really organically.

You’re quite the international musician as well, coming off of tours in Australia, New Zealand, and even India! What brought you to these countries and what do you like about the music scene over there?

Thank you so much! Yeah, that was an incredible and humbling experience for sure. It was the furthest I’ve ever traveled for music and it was nothing short of life changing. The music scene in Austrailia/New Zealand/India are forces to be reckoned with, and everywhere I played people were absolute raging.

My Perth show at Metro City was extra special for me. I have some really, really close friends out in Western Australia, and a group of 15 or so either flew or drove 8 hours to be at the show. Then, at the end I performed my unreleased track, “Hitch”, live with the extremely talented singer, Valentine; it was just special. I’ll be releasing that song soon as well and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

You’re gearing up to perform back in CA at San Diego’s LED PRESENTS: OMFG! NYE Festival this year as well. Do you prefer performing big festival audiences or more intimate venues? Why?

Yeah, I am really excited about this show. I played it in 2015/16 and it was one of the best parties I had ever played. There is nothing more incredible than playing a show for thousands of people. The energy is on a whole another level, and it’s why I do this, for that feeling. Its indescribable to be honest. With that said, intimate shows are incredible too and I just love DJ’ing with every chance I get to perform is a blessing.

What other acts are you most excited to see and perform alongside?

Kayzo puts on one of the best live performances in the game so that will be all time, Ghastly as well. The whole line up is stacked and every artist on there is extremely talented, so it will be a fun night.

We already know your plans to end 2017, but what’s on the musical agenda for 2018?

The plan is to continue releasing music constantly, every 2-3 weeks. “Haven’t Said” comes out on Friday November 10, and then after that, I’ll be doing another remix and another original. I also have an EP with my boy, Holly, as well as a bunch of other collaborations I’ve recently wrapped up. Plus, some unannounced performances which I am super stoked on! So, stay tuned. 2018 is going to be an epic year and I am excited about what is in-store next.

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Check out JINCO’s new track “Haven’t Said” here:

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