I Went To Taylor Swift’s NYC Pop-Up Shop and It Was EVERYTHING

23473235_10155743378534002_7603878357518900474_n.jpgAs we all know, it’s now been a full week since we’ve been blessed with Taylor Swift‘s new album, Reputation, and we are totally OBSESSED with it. Despite its obvious shortage of ballads, the album completely incapsulates what it feels like to be a strong, independent, female twenty-something, and we simply can’t get enough.

Speaking of not being able to get enough, I was fortunate enough to find some time to head over to the Reputation pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan earlier this week, and TBH, I was blown away. Convinced that I would be walking into a shop no different than the ones that artists before her have done, I was stoked to find that this pop-up shop was more like a museum–and a museum full of AMAZING photo opps, nonetheless!

Inside the shop, fans had the opportunity to take photos posing with the antique phone from the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, a neon sign that read “You’re So Gorgeous,” and they were even able to sit on Tay’s throne (also from the LWYMMD music video). So basically, everyone who was at the pop-up shop was escaping work for a couple of hours to pretend to be in a Taylor Swift music video, which… who could blame them?

23559691_10155743378444002_1695280564313937162_n.jpgAlso at the shop were cases full of Taylor’s costumes from the LWYMMD music video, gorgeous chandeliers, FREE COOKIES, and loads of cool merchandise. From sweatshirt dresses, to phone cases, to snake-inspired jewelry, fans had a bunch of options when it came to their Reputation swag.

Unfortunately, the pop-up shop was only open until yesterday, so if you haven’t gone already, you missed it. And even though you won’t have a chance to get those really cool photos, you can find all of the merch HERE, and prepare for Taylor Swift to come to a city near you this summer!

Check out Taylor’s first round of tour dates HERE, and when you’re done, listen to the album again and again and again, because it’s just that good.

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