Tame Impala Releases Currents B-Sides & Remixes EP

After two years of anxiously waiting in anticipation, Tame Impala finally returns with new music! Last week the Aussie psychedelic-rock group released the Currents B-Sides & Remixes EP. This new EP completes the extended edition of their 2015 LP Currents. Just when we thought Currents couldn’t get any better, the band surprises us with three new tracks and two remixes!




The new tracks “List of People (To Try And Forget About),” “Powerlines,” and “Taxi’s Here” are original and refreshing. At first listen, “List of People (To Try And Forget About)” really stands out from the rest. Lead singer Kevin Parker channels his feelings of heartbreak into the melody and lyrics as he sings, “And I don’t want to spend all my days thinking of the one I can’t live without/So I’m gonna have to add you to my list of people to try and forget about.” He concludes the song by letting his ex-lover know that he has the strength to move on and eventually find love again… “And as the years go by/You’re still a banished memory/They’ll say my love has died/But it was waiting in the wings.” This track shows Parker’s vulnerability, which makes it delightfully relatable.

The EP also features a previously shared remix of “Let It Happen” by Soulwax, as well as the brand new “Reality In Motion – GUM Remix.” These remixes are a zesty spin-off of Tame Impala’s original masterpieces and give listeners a new perspective on the meaning of each song.

Currents B-Sides & Remixes officially completes Tame Impala’s special Currents Collector’s Edition which is out now and available for purchase here.

Featured photo by Saiman Chow
Photos derived from @Tame_Impala on Instagram