Country Duo Native Run Talks New Single “Sleeping in the Bed I Made”

Native Run‘s new single “Sleeping in the Bed I Made” is here to give country radio (and our ears) a break from playing the same male artists on a loop. We recently got to chat with the incredible country duo about their start, what they hope to accomplish through their music, and which country act they dream of touring with.

Hey guys! Thanks for talking to us today. You recently released your single “Sleeping in the Bed I Made.” It’s a relatable song about heartbreak, but what’s the story behind it?

Native Run's New Single
Photo: Jeremy Ryan

It’s about a friend of ours who was in a long-term relationship and it ended suddenly. The story was so heartbreaking, as you said, but also so relatable. We are now both married (woot woot!!!), but we both had relationships before in which we put a lot of work and love, that ended and broke our hearts. Those tend to be the easiest songs to write.

What was the writing process like?

We had already written a song one day with our dear friends, Casey Brown and Parker Nohe, but right before leaving we started talking about the idea for this song and it practically started writing itself. That’s when you know it’s meant to reach people.

Can we expect a music video for the track? What do you envision when you think about the visual for this story?

YES, YOU CAN!!! In fact, you can check it out here. We wanted there to be lots of light, emotion, darkness, hope and sadness. Our friend Jeremy Ryan is a fantastic photographer and director and we knew he would capture the song AND us as artists.

The sound you two create together through the lyrics and the music itself is really unique. How did you come together as a musical duo?

We met through friends in college. We all went to this big church together and we played on the worship team. After a few weeks, we discovered our voices really gel and we decided to start playing and writing together with another local songwriter. After a couple of years, we moved to Nashville and the rest is history! Bryan is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and played everything on this track (except percussion). It was part of our vision for a long time to have Bryan create this sonic landscape for our words and melodies. We’re proud of the result!

You totally should be! Who are some of your musical influences?

We love John Mayer. Everything from Room for Squares to The Search for Everything. We’re inspired by artists in the country genre like Little Big Town and Maren Morris. We also love the songwriting of Billy Joel and Ryan Adams. So you could say we are inspired by a lot!

What do you hope to accomplish through your music?

Native Run's New Single
Photo: Jeremy Ryan

We hope our music reaches and moves as many people as possible! Of course, we would love a Grammy, too. But really as artists, you hope that what you create brings people together and inspires thought, emotion and solidarity.

If you could tour with any country act, who would it be and why?

Little Big Town. They are just the most talented, nicest, laid back people and they’ve REALLY worked hard for over 20 years as a band. That says something.

What can we expect from you guys in 2018?

We plan to write and produce more music! We would love to tour and visit fans and friends around the country. It’s sometimes hard to be on the road as independent artists these days, but our hope is to get back out there and share our love and music as much as possible.

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Featured Image: Jeremy Ryan