Sam Smith’s New Music Video “One Last Song” Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

Columbia Records

On November 29th, Sam Smith released his music video for “One Last Song” off of his latest album, The Thrill of It All, and brought the soulful vocals we all know and love him for.

The video is shot almost completely in one continuous take, harkening back to the one-take video Bruno Mars did for “The Lazy Song” back in 2011. OBVIOUSLY, this song is WAY different than Bruno’s video, but similar in the way that it challenged the traditional formula that music videos are filmed in. This one-take style gives the audience a more intimate, conversional vibe, allowing the audience to see a more human version of the artist instead of an overly produced, chopped-up version of what they are trying to portray. In my opinion, this was somewhat similar to the Paramore‘s video for “Fake Happy.” This was a great pairing for Sam’s vocal style because he has such heartfelt, emotional lyrics, which came across well in one continuous take.

The video starts with the camera on Sam as he is center stage surrounded by stage hands and dancers seemingly frozen in time. As Sam starts to sing, the frozen figures come to life with the music. We follow Sam from the main stage to backstage all in one fluid take. He makes his way through the winding hallways of backstage while serenading the camera directly as it follows his every move. As Sam reaches the front of the house, he looks out to a window flooded with paparazzi constantly snapping flash bulbs at him. Then, he turns to meet the camera again. We follow him back through the building, finally landing on the roof were a troupe of ballet dancers are pirouetting against the gloomy rooftop view. In the final shot, the camera pans over to Sam with the London skyline in the background. He sings the final lyrics before stepping out of the frame.

The video is shot beautifully, with gorgeous cinematography. The gloomy ambience of the cinematography compliments the lovesick plea of the song’s lyrics. What’s not to love about Sam Smith? He’s a superstar in my book and the video was well worth the watch.

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