BloodPop® Remixes Taylor Swift’s “…Ready for It?” and It’s Kinda Boring

On December 6th, Taylor Swift and Bloodpop® released a remix of Taylor’s “…Ready for it?.”

Bloodpop®, has had quite the year making remixes for the year’s biggest artists. Bloodpop® released remixes of Haim’s “Little of Your Love,” Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life,” and even collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song “Friends.” So, it only makes sense that Taylor would endorse a remix by such an up and coming DJ.

As for the remix in comparison to the original… there’s not much of a difference. If you were a fan of the OG “…Ready for it?” you won’t be heartbroken by a drastic change because there isn’t one. The only noticeable difference other than that the remix is 19 seconds shorter than the OG version, is that the iconic opening beat from “…Ready for it?” is missing only to be replaced with a very different sounding EDM interlude. The lyrics are the star of this piece, which isn’t something I expected going in when I heard this song had been remixed. What I mean by that is, when DJs remix popular songs they usually add intricate electronic beats and bass drops, but it seems that Bloodpop® took the purest route and kept this remix very clean and simple. There were no fun manipulations with Taylor’s voice or even a very heavy handed electronic beat throughout the track.

As I said before, the remix is actually shorter than the original version, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think it’s proof that this remix is a bit uninspired. Maybe Bloodpop® only got the rights to remix this track under strict guidelines not to change the arrangement too much? I don’t know, but Bloodpop®’s other remixes for Haim and Lana Del Rey are a lot more intricate and inspired then this one. Definitely give this track a listen for yourself, but it’s not something I’m going to be adding to my playlist anytime soon. I’ll be sticking to the original “…Ready for it?” and Bloodpop®’s other remixes for now. What about you?

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Featured Image: YouTube (@TaylorSwift)