Finesse Remix Review

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Throw it Back to the ’90s With Their “Finesse” Remix

Bruno Mars just released the remix for his song “Finesse” featuring Cardi B, and it’s a straight up bop! In fact, it delivers just the right amount of ’90s nostalgia to get you completely obsessed and playing it on repeat. Bruno and Cardi make such a good team on this song, and if you’re wondering how they wound up doing this project together, check out this Insta post from Bruno:


The song, as well as the video for the remix is simply exploding with 90’s vibes, and it’s inspired by the show, “In Living Color.” The Video begins with Bruno and Cardi waving around neon paints while wearing classic ’90s apparel as Cardi delivers her iconic verse. As well as being nostalgic, the song just lends itself well to Cardi’s energy and sense of humor.

The rest of the video showcases Bruno dancing and singing with a voice that’s smooth as butter, as per usual, and towards the end of the video the two even perform together, giving us the duo we never knew we needed. If you want our real opinion, there’s simply no better song and music video combo to take us into 2018. We love the positive vibes and the high energy, and we’re hoping for a live performance from the two sometime in the future.

Make sure to check out the video and let us know what you think!

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