Dua Lipa IDGAF Music Video

Dua Lipa Releases Music Video for “IDGAF”

Dua Lipa recently released her video for her single “IDGAF,” and it’s almost a follow-up to her visuals for “New Rules.” Why? Because Dua is seen once again surrounded by female dancers, but this time, she isn’t giving boy advice to her girlfriends. Instead, she’s battling herself to get to the point of self-love. It’s sort of as if she is looking at an alter ego.


The video features Dua and her dancers mirroring themselves in bright orange and blue suits.  You can see a stronger side and a weaker side fighting, only for the sides to ultimately come together in the end. This symbolic fight is done through choreography that expresses frustrations as well as the process of coming back together again. Choreographed by Marion Motin, it’s almost a depiction of the internal struggle between both sides of herself.  One side seems a little more cool and collected, while the other is a little more outward with emotions.  


The video was directed by Henry Scholfied in collaboration with Mosaert, who worked on the creative concept. Dua mentioned on twitter that the shoot took 22 hours to complete, but she also said it was a very rewarding experience.  



Overall, the hard work most definitely paid off because fans loved the video and its entire message!


Not only is the “IDGAF” video unique and gives off a good message, but it’s also very visually appealing. Although it may seem strange to someone passing by, you can’t help but stop and be mesmerized by the movement of the two groups in such different colored clothing against a bare background. The wardrobe and background chosen for the project definitely helped Dua and her dancers seem like they were one, while each of their own personalities shined through at the same time.

Ultimately, the video is one that you’ll need to watch multiple times, which is probably why it’s at over 40 million views already! We’re sure this single will do extremely well, and we also can’t wait to see what Dua comes up with next! Watch the video below and then be sure to let us know what you think in the comments, or by tweeting us @soundigest!

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