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5 Times Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn Were The Cutest Couple EVER

If you haven’t already heard, Ed Sheeran is officially off the market and is getting engaged to his lifelong BFF, Cherry Seaborn. While their relationship has been kept pretty quiet there have been quite a few times they have been our complete relationship goals. Here are just 5 reasons why this relationship is “Perfect”:


1. They rekindled their romance at Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party

Ed and Cherry may have just been kids when they fell in love, but they rekindled their romance at Eds good friend Taylors annual 4th of July party. When the two realized they were both at parties in the same area Ed decided to ask Taylor if one of his past schoolmates could stop by. Can you imagine if Taylor said No?!? We are so glad this reunion happened and Taylor and Cherry are actually good friends now too!


2. Ed and Cherry have pet cats together

I’m sorry but i just think the fact that Ed and Cherry have pets together is literally the cutest thing in the world. We’ve known for a while that Ed is quite the cat lover so we are so happy he found someone that shares that love with him. Thank Goodness she wasn’t allergic!

Second Christmas for Chub and Chubber

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3. They go on cute dates 

Eds fiance lived in New York, so it makes sense that they went on a cute date like this to a mets game. It’s really adorable that they can go on cute simple dates like this one just like a normal couple and they’re even wearing matching hats, how cute!


4. He supports her at her hockey games

If you didn’t know, Cherry played field hockey for the University of Duke in North Carolina, and Durham University in the United Kingdom and she’s a total badass. And Ed being the amazing person he is has went to some of her matches to support his lady. The fact that Ed takes time out of his busy schedule to see Cherry out on the field is the sweetest thing.

5. He wrote a song about her

Ed has given Cherry something many of us dream to have, a song written for them by Ed Sheeran. Eds song “Perfect” off his most recent album Divide was inspired by his fiance Cherry. Ed explained how he got inspired for the track from a time when himself and Cherry were dancing on the lawn with no shoes on. Just knowing he wrote this song about the girl he’s going to marry is absolutely adorable and the definition of relationship goals.


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