Julia Michaels Heaven Video Fifty Shades Freed

Julia Michaels’ “Heaven” Video from Fifty Shades Freed Soundtrack

Julia Michaels’ video for “Heaven” from Fifty Shades Freed was released this week leading up to the film’s premiere. The sultry song is visualized by Michaels in women’s menswear accompanied by a slew of bad boys. Though the video did not take any extreme risks, the simple yet dark take of it all meshes perfectly together. The songwriter goddess helped pen the track and is also the main star of the video.

“They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you,” is in the chorus and is definitely one of the most catchy lines in a recent pop song. Each time she sings this line, Michaels displays a cunning smirk in the video. This shows the guilty yet desirable attributes within the song.

It’s great to see the use of accentuating color within the production. The main setting, a kitchen, along with Michaels’ clothes, which are black. On the contrary, the boys’ clothes are blue or white and there is ice cream and flowers that follow a light, pastel palate. Seeing something like this is very visually appealing. It is quite funny to see that deeper thinking goes into the production for a music video from Fifty Shades Freed rather than the actual films. (Have you seen the reviews for the movie?)

Although the video is a bit on the safer side, it all still matches with the song and film series themes. One of the most memorable parts is Michaels toying around with a silk blindfold. This will ring a bell with fans of the series.

This sensual and mysterious side of Michaels is one we have not seen before. The video is very well done and the stars are enjoyable to watch too. Michaels is stunning as always and the “bad boys” are definitely a stunning touch.

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Featured image: Youtube (@fiftyshadesvevo)

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